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HEADLINE: 10 ways Catholic bishops are trying to end the clergy abuse scandal by Daniel Burke

Here are the US Catholic bishops’ 10 commitments

  1. To reach out to clergy sex-abuse survivors and their families, helping them find healing and care.
  2. To follow the Pope’s new guidelines on holding bishops accountable to “higher moral standards.”
  3. To publicize information about how people can make accusations of sexual abuse by bishops.
  4. To include lay people in investigating misconduct by bishops.
  5. To amend church codes of conduct to explicitly include bishops and all who work for the church.
  6. To ensure that these codes of conduct clearly explain what constitutes sexual misconduct and harassment of adults.
  7. To live chastely, with no “double” or “secret” lives.
  8. To put the needs of the people making accusations of abuse above institutional concerns, including cooperation with lay experts and civil authorities.
  9. To attend seminars and other church gatherings to learn best practices for dealing with sexual abuse of minors and vulnerable persons.
  10. To recommend to the Vatican only proposed bishops “truly suited for the episcopacy.”
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