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Red States Surrender, Beg Feds To Increase Gun Background Checks!?

todayMay 30, 2013

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Is_Davis_A_Traitor_front_coverMandeville, LA – Mike Church’s daily Pile of Prep, chock full of Red States gone wild for overturning the second amendment!? plus other [r]epublican stories used to perform the Mike Church Show on Sirius/XM Patriot channel 125. “Our speech is like an archaeological site. We walk over it picking up shards of pottery and pieces of carved stone here and there as we find them, but the stories they tell and the meanings they embody are lost to us. Similarly, we come across and pick up words and have no idea what is behind them. Let me give you really spectacular examples of such words: nature, essence, the Greeks, discrimination, method, logic, science, technology, art, modernity, information—to most users a jumble of lost significance. “Archaeological site” is too elegant a description of our language: “kitchen midden” would be better.” – Eva Brann, The Imaginative Conservative “Do you know what an Odyssey is?”

DeceptiCONNED: Obama admin actually tries to END an FDR era, federal boondoggle (The TVA) but is rebuffed by “conservatives” who talk a good game about “shrinking gubbmint” but don’t want to jettison their $25 billion federal handout

TIC Essay – Question: Do you know what an odyssey is? Or did I mean to ask “do you know what an Odyssey is?” The answer is not so easy as you might think it is but the journey to it is just as rewarding.

Via Tom Woods: Robert Higgs, explains Memorial Day for the masses drunk with “our nations” war making prowess and all it entails

New poll on the desirability of “gun background checks” shows that Southern Red States are foaming at the mouth for their overlords to propose brand new, flaming hoops of fire for them to vault through to legally purchase self defense weapons. This is yet another example of why you want to live in a [r]epresentative [r]epublic and not a democracy

This Page is Supported by your Founders Pass subscriptions to this site, please take the tour and see all the GREAT CONTENT you are missing out on including Mike’s Project ’76 Webisodes

On Michelle Bachmann’s retirement, James Carville stammers out “Ana–ana–ana, an–an–an– I bet they-uhs a lawt of folks in da REEpubLIkkkan pawty dat awe happy about dis” (translated by the KingDue’s universal libtardian translation devcice)

DeceptiCONNED IISkip the content of this post by Scott Galupo and scroll down, straight to the comments section if you would care to witness WHY there is little hope for [r]epublicanism to be restored while faux patriotism and historical ignorance reigns. I wrote to friends about this: This is illustrative of the gargantuan, maybe insurmountable task we have been blessed to pursue. I recoil at the sheer audacity of the nationalist and “nation” worshippers who choose to forget the able men of the original Confederation e.g. Washington, Jefferson, Henry, Mason et al who not only committed the atrocities Davis et al are accused of (without remorse) but indeed, made it possible for them to occur under the Constitution! These people, in their pixeled rage are a greater threat to [r]epublicanism than they are credited for.

ObamaCare, the wonder drug that cures all ills for the young and old alike!

The Russians are coming… I mean the Chinese are coming… I mean the Syrians are coming! Those crafty, smarter than us Russkies have conned McCain & company into waging wait, I mean opposing entering the Syrian war because, wait for it, THAT will keep us busy putting out other Middle East fires and…

Dreher: Sometimes being men of principle and refusing to yield while knees buckle around you brings remorse and second guessing in life’s later chapters for “Sticking”

The 800th anniversary of the “Great Writ” approaches in 2015, maybe its time we make a “new writ” and begin living by it

Milbank: Bye bye Miss Tea Party Pie, Michelle Bachmann’s demise is good for the GOP AND the country

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