ReFounding Fathers Society of LA-Meeting & Live Webcast

todayJanuary 26, 2012

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TONIGHT!! Click here to be taken to the LIVE Video webcastbeginning at 06:00 pm CST. This is a RECRUITING meeting and all membersare asked to attend AND bring at least one guest. Tonight in addition to regular orders and Mike Church & David Simpson the RFFS of SELA holds its yearly organizational meeting.

 Tonight’s meeting will be broadcast worldwide via and will beviewable here as well. Here is what we have on tap for tomorrow night:

The presentation of the RFFS Oath, Oath Cards and swearing in of members (this is voluntary).

We believe that menowe their being and their rights to the Creator of the world.

We believe that theessence of free will is liberty.

We believe that, asJohn Adams told us freedom is not the right to do as youplease, but the liberty to do as you ought.

We believe that formen to remain free, there must be government.

We believe that formen to prosper under government, it must be limited and never assumeto do for men, what men may for themselves.

We believe that forgovernment to rule justly over men, it must always seek the commongood and never succumb to the interest of a few.

In defense and promotion of theforegoing, we pledge our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor.


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