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Regulatory Fees are Shadow-Taxes and thus Wholly Unconstitutional

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Regulatory Fees are Shadow Taxes

NEW ORLEANS, La. Despite it being clear that ARTICLE I, Section 8 grants the Congress the power to tax, the cold-hard reality is that federal bureaucracies such as the EPA and FCC levy fees with reckless abandon. The resulting crisscrossed mesh of bloated bureaucratic fees is nothing more than what can only be referred to as shadow-taxes.

The tax-by-proxy scheme is so onerous that it results in poor and middle-class Americans losing nearly half of their total incomes by the end of the year when one calculates their total governmental obligation. The deceptive nature of being nickel and dimed over the course of the year via the three-headed-hydra of paycheck withholding, regulatory-fee compliance, and the inflation-tax, i.e. currency devaluation is yet more proof that the government that we now suffer is the utter antithesis of what the Founding Generation gifted to us or hoped in working towards a more perfect union.

Further, the legislative authorization accompanying the mandates to the bureaucracies is so utterly vague, many times simply directing the federal agency to collect as needed as to surely make any petty gang or organized crime syndicate, green with envy. As such, from just one singular fee emanating from the EPA, it successfully confiscated $40 million dollars from Americans in just one year. Let us not mince words, as simply referencing the Declaration of Independence makes it clear that the hordes sent forth by this central government is designed with one purpose, which is not the protection or safety of Americans, and instead is a federal swarm sent forth to eat out our substance. Therefore, let us be purposeful including this as yet just another notch on the bedpost of the current long train of abuses from which our patient suffering continues to abide.

Perhaps someday soon, it will become obvious that there is no salvation from such molestations. That merely electing yet another freshman group to the political class benefits them, and thus we the People must instead meet the affirmative duty placed upon all mankind to implement new guards for our future safety and happiness, most especially when the object of the current so clearly evinces the design of an ever-expanding tyranny.

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