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Remember “The Bork?” Modern Pro-Lifers Must Fear “The Borg” – The Mike Church Show

todayOctober 2, 2018 5

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Mandeville, La

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HEADLINE: Text messages suggest Kavanaugh wanted to refute accuser’s claim before it became public by Heidi Przybyla & Leigh Ann Caldwell

  • Okay so, he asked her to defend him? Well she was there, he knows he didn’t do it so why wouldn’t he ask her to speak up?
  • Uncomfortable at a wedding when she saw him 10 years later? So what?
  • It has been said that because Brett went to private school and was an only child, he was “privileged”.
  • Referencing 3rd parties is not the same as doing it yourself.
  • So now all that matters is an accusation.
  • The only record of any of this are the unsubstantiated recollections of Blasey Ford.
  • It doesn’t get any more ridiculous than this.

Jeff Flake

These witnesses aren’t creditable.

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HEADLINE: Kavanaugh was involved in bar brawl at Yale by Ben Protess & Emily Bazelon

  • The report referred to the altercation, which occurred at a bar called Demery’s, as “an assault.” It did not say whether anyone was arrested, and there is no indication that charges were filed.
  • What are the Democrats trying to do? They are trying to give some heft to the “serial drinking” claims.
  • Who knew throwing ice makes you a certified drunk?

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HEADLINE: ‘Red, Red Wine’: How an ’80s reggae-pop band got dragged into the Kavanaugh drama by Meagan Flynn

  • If you research this, you will get 5 hits. 2 of them are from the Washington Post.


  • This site has any band that has toured in the past, where they toured and the set list they played.
  • UB40 goes from August 11, 1985 – October 28, 1985
  • We cannot seem to find anywhere on the web that this band played in September in the US in 1985.
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  • What kind of madness is all of this?
  • All of conservativdumb, is saying Blasey Ford was sucked into this by Senator Feinstein but what if she wanted this all along?
  • Senator Feinstein says she didn’t leak the document to the media. She asked her staff is anyone leaked it and they said no. She even went on to say YOU (Blasey Ford) must have leaked it.
  • Take the same piece of evidence, and view that through the lens that Blasey Ford is actually involved in this take down.
  • How else do you scrub all of a persons social media accounts?


Caller Derek in Las Vegas –

  • Sirius/XM Progress channel and they are focusing in on Kavanaugh’s drinking.
  • They have friends coming out saying Kavanaugh was in-fact a heavy drinker and he was always drunk and aggressive.

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HEADLINE: ACLU TV ads compare Kavanaugh to Bill Clinton, Bill Cosby   

HEADLINE: ACLU Ad: Kavanaugh Like Clinton, Cosby, Weinstein 


  • This is the fault of the sexual revolution. If you are a white male, you are guilty. You are guilty of whatever a woman says you are. What has this done to young men? It has turned them into luke-warm ninnies.

FROM THE MIKE CHURCH CHATROOM: Women have turned MEN into their gay “gal pals” and wonder why there are no MEN left to actually marry.

  • Start living like you are in command of things. (referring to men)
  • This is why we are seeing this issue with Kavanaugh. He is being crucified for being….a white male college student.

FROM THE MIKE CHURCH CHATROOM: When men and women complement each other according to their God-given Natures, there is Order. When men and women compete against each other against Nature, there is chaos, confusion and disorder.

Discussion on the Anniversary of the Las Vegas Shooting –

  • We must not forget this concert was an all day long concert event on Sunday.
  • Sunday’s are a Holy Day of Obligation.



HEADLINE: The Shire, Not The Borg by Brother Andre Marie

  • The Borg form a perfect totalitarian society. Those assimilated become drones whose cyber-enhanced mental and physical powers are totally at the service of the “the Borg Collective”
  • “Nowadays, any organization can appear to be Borgish if it has concrete beliefs and ethical standards that all members are expected to accept and practice in their daily life.” (Particularly true of religious organizations.)  
  • You form your offense around the weakness.
  • What is Kavanaugh’s weakness?
  • What did the Democrat Borg do? They found the weakness and they are searching desperately to build their narrative of his weakness.
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Special Guest Michael Hichborn founder of the Lepanto Institute

Follow Michael Hichborn here –

  • What is going on with the USCCB meeting?
  • It would be extremely strange to cancel their fall assembly.
  • To my knowledge they have never canceled a fall assembly/meeting.
  • This is when they make key elections and appointments.
  • You have 300-500 members that have plane tickets, and rooms and all sorts of things that will have to be canceled if they do that.
  • Stopping it on a dime is unusual, very difficult and very expensive.
  • This all falls on Pope Francis – he gave weight to all synods. (Magisterial Weight)
  • Just because the Pope says a synod has Magisterial weight but if it is contrary to the Churches teachings, there is NO Magisterial weight!


HEADLINE: The Three Levels of Magisterial Teaching by Brother Andre Marie

  • Yesterday Chris Ferrara was on discussing Christine Blasey Ford was lying in her testimony. Last week he discussed the Vigano 2nd letter.
  • Did the 2nd letter cause any moment that you can see on your end?
  • If anything the letter caused the Pope Francis to double down on his rhetoric.
  • He didn’t use the phrase “great accuser” this time but he uses these terms to people who oppose him.
  • Let’s be clear about who the Devil is, accusations don’t just come from the Devil. UNJUST accusations YES.
  • Vigano is speaking truth to power and that is a completely different thing.
  • He is saying Pope Francis has abused his power and has ignored things/cases put at his feet.
  • You have one person looking at history and tradition and is citing Canon Law.
  • I’m not Catholic so why should I care about this?
  • The Catholic Church is the LAST defense on the standing of social teachings. Pro-Life, anti-contraception, love the sinner but hate the sin etc
  • If Papa Francis is successful in convincing enough Catholics the doctrine has changed, then….well we shall see.
  • Unfortunately the current situation is simply not sustainable.
  • This is the beginning of the crumbling of the “False Church”.
  • He is permitting these things to be said and persist because that is what he wants.
  • He cannot as Pope change church teachings but he can give the APPEARANCE it has by allowing people to continue this language and not correcting it.
  • At the time of his nomination, it was KNOWN he was a Catholic.
  • There has been very LITTLE Catholic support for this man, Brett Kavanaugh.
  • I think part of the reason you aren’t hearing about it in the main stream media is because they don’t care!
  • #PrayForBrett #DefendOurBoys
  • Pio pick up your weapon, he picked up his rosary and that stopped the attack.
  • The Miracle of the Sun
  • As soon as that period of prayer ended, there was a massive explosion in Russia that killed several researchers and set them back 20+ years.
  • Hichborn story of a St. Gemma– As a sinner who am I to request anything to Our Lord so you ask Our Lady to ask on your behalf.
  • We have been exposing many “Catholic” institutions or charities that are super corrupt. You can find a list here: Charity Reports
  • This kind of debt in society is NOT sustainable. The MORAL debt is WORST than the material debt we are looking at. The MORAL debt can only be erased by fasting, repenting, and so on.
  • If there is no desire to repent then there is no forgiveness and with no forgiveness there is no salvation.
  • There is a bell curve and we are on the downslope we just don’t know it yet.

FROM THE MIKE CHURCH CHATROOM: Yup, that’s exactly what will happen. And, as Fulton Sheen said in 1948, the Counterfeit Church will lock arms with the New World Order and will try to destroy the Church, but our Lady will crush it

A Call To Arms: Join Me In The Confraternity of The CRUSADER Knights of The Most Holy Rosary

Special Guest Rick Barrett host of The Barrett Brief doing a rundown of what’s coming up next!

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