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HEADLINE: Everything You Love Will Be Eaten Alive by Nathan J. Robinson


HEADLINE: The Senate Votes to Kill S.J. Res. 54 by Daniel Larison

Civilian populations in Yemen



Paradigm Shift

HEADLINE: America’s Quiet Carnage by Nathan Neilson


VRN News story of the boy that planned on shooting his school up but his parents found the plot out and had him confess to the police.

2018 Hogs For The Cause efforts are underway.

This happens every year usually the last weekend in March. It has been moved from City Pork (Park) to the UNO Lakefront Arena

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 HEADLINE: Repeal campaigners will not accept a No vote, says Minister by Lara Marlow and Pat Leahy

  • What entity benefits?
  • We continue to get farther and farther away from faith.

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Yesterday was the 15th anniversary of Shock and Awe

  • America is still a war-loving people, we want more war, we want more killing instruments.
  • Our culture is based on war, our economy is based on war.
  • What’s business competition?
  • What is one way you can win a war?
  • How did iHeart Radio acquire all of those stations?
  • We are taught that war is good in everything we do!

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Mike’s Consumer Story

  • 21 houses with 3 cars in our little neighborhood
  • So most American families have about $75,000 worth of hardware in your driveway
  • Now, you have to purchase insurance on this fleet
  • $1,500-$3,000 or so on the fleet a month
  • So when did it change for families?
  • This suburban nightmare is designed to break-up communities.
  • PUD = planned urban development




  • Heading for the future whether you like it or not.
  • Story we covered a few weeks ago on why bars have parking lots.
  • The paradigm shift, all of this is meant to keep people out of their homes.
  • If you are waging a global war against God, you don’t want people to have a sense of home or family.


 Caller John from Cincinnati

  • E Michael Jones seminar on how social engineers have decided to break up the communities/neighborhoods.
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Special Guest: Brother Andre Marie

  • Empire in the West fell and the only thing to keep Europe in check was the Church
  • Benedict had been formed in this time
  • Religious orders didn’t exist at that time.
  • He just decided to live a certain
  • ReConquest part II  the 4 Marks of the Church
  • Apparently God decided to give me a little boost at the end of Lent here


Back to Headline: Everything you love

  • New York City – the armpit of the world
  • City of mystery slowly destroyed


Caller Sean from Arizona

  • I am guilty as charged….I am just one guy and I have 3 cars
  • The amount you talked about is actually 1/8 of what I pay for the upkeep of my fleet
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Special Guest: Gregory Carpenter aka Junkbond

  • Will be discussing the assassination of JFK
  • CIA operations

Caller Mr. Mundy

Excited to be coming down for Hogs For The Cause

  • Black ops torture camp – she has been on the dark side since she joined the CIA
  • She has political connections and this is an olive branch to the Democrats
  • You just don’t need to torture people to get the information you are seeking

Hogs For The Cause –

Please from the bottom of our hearts help with this charity. These families need help.

  • Torture victims –
  • I don’t want to be in league with these people any longer.
  • Torture has BEEN going on, this is nothing new and people really shouldn’t be shocked.
  • The things our country does in the name of National Security
  • We should be people who seek God


HEADLINE: Homeschooling ‘Soaring in Popularity’ – Tim Tebow Helps Explain Why by Dan Andros

  • Homeschooling offers flexibility, more options are available than ever.
  • 1.7 million families across the country homeschool


HEADLINE: America’s Quiet Carnage by Nathan Nelson

  • Perpetually on the verge of collapse
  • We need to allow kids to rest more. They need more sleep.
  • Standardized testing – teachers teach students for the test…not how to think critically
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