Repealing the 20th Century Assault on Federalism

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The 20th Century saw the Rise of Permanent Economic Servitude with Passage of 16th, 17th Amendments and FEDERAL RESERVE Act

MANDEVILLE, LOUISIANA – Three weeks out from midterm elections the latest attempt at assassinating the characters of Liberty-minded small-government candidates has begun in earnest. Statists fearful that the electorate is waking up to the usurpation which occurred at the turn of the last century,  specifically with the passage of the 16th & 17th Amendments, and creation of the 3rd Central bank via the FEDERAL RESERVE Act.

This week past, defeated incumbent Imperial Senator from Alaska, Lisa Murkowski, attempted to smear the man who beat her in the primary, Mr. Joe Miller, by saying he wanted to repeal the entire 20th Century, in response to Candidate Miller’s remarks regarding the destructive consequences of the 17th Amendment, i.e. the Direct Elections of Senators.


Begin Mike Church Show Transcript

Mike: Like George Carlin says in that bit that we play as a matter of fact,Ill play it at the top of next hour maybe the citizens are screwed up.  That’s where the politicians come from.  Anyways, Ive got this whole Seventeenth Amendment story.  Ive got Bob McDonnell.  Were going to do some federalism news here,you people.  You’re not going to get this anywhere else, so don’t touch that dial. Here, John Boehner.  I haven’t even heard this yet.  I just like the title of it.  Roll it.

[Clip] Rep. Boehner:  Your government is disrespecting you,your family, your job, your children. Your government is out of control. Do you have to accept it?

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Crowd:  No.

Rep. Boehner:  Do you have to take it?

Crowd:  No.

Rep. Boehner:  Hell, no, you don’t.  [End clip]

Mike:  I thought this was going to be something exciting.  Like hell no government being, are we going to have welfare for everyone?  Hell, no.  Are we going to continue Medicare for everyone?  Hell, no.  Are we going to continue Medicaid for everyone?  Hell, no.  That’s what I thought you were going to play for me.  I’m disappointed.  [Sighing] Where was he speaking at?  You got the digital media file.  Where was this?

Mike Church Show Transcript: Constitutional Traitors In The Senate, Big Surprise

AG: He was at a manufacturing plant in Westchester, Ohio.

Mike: Manufacturing plant in Westchester, Ohio.  You know, and I still love the implication there that your government is not working for you.  We’ve heard Gov. Sarah Palin say, “We’re going to give you a government that works for you the people”.  I don’t want a government that works for me the person.  I want a government that stays the hell out of my affairs.  I’ll do the work.  I don’t need you to do it for me.  I don’t want you working and toiling away in obscurity and blowing tens of trillions of dollars every year in the name of helping my stupid sorry ass out. Do it for I’m perfectly capable of doing it myself.

america-secede-or-die-t-shirtLets see.  Let me get to this.  Seventeenth Amendment resurfaces as a campaign issue, by Felicia Sonmez.  At a recent town hall meeting, Alaska Senate candidate Joe Miller became the latest candidate to suggest … he’d be in favor of repealing the Seventeenth Amendment, which calls for the direct election of senators.  Well, let me tell you, if you’re a fan of federalism, and if you want to actually really get back to the Constitution we need to get back to constitutional government, we hear all the time.  Really?  Well, then you ought to be a fan of repealing the Seventeenth Amendment because the Seventeenth Amendment stripped federalism right out of the Constitution, just grabbed it and took it out, threw it on the floor and peed on it.  And its been peeing on it ever since.

Now, this story then goes on to tell the tale of all the people that have dared to say, why, we ought to repeal the Seventeenth Amendment, and how they have been shouted down as being radical, whacked out of their brain, tyrannical, hick, hayseed, nut jobs.  Following a few days of no comment on there marks as well as charges by rivals Sen. Lisa Murkowski and Sitka Mayor Scott McAdams that he is an extremist who wants to repeal the 20th Century hey, people in Alaska, if you’re listening to this show right now, I’d like to repeal the 20th Century.  You know what, you can have your give me the Constitution and limited government and liberty back, you can have your computers.

Mike Church Show Transcript: Legislating Morality – Whose Morals Do We Use?

Mike, what about all the technology?  Screw it, keep it.  We’ll reinvent it again and not have a government around to order us about and steal from us.  Boy, that’d be a great T-shirt to go along with the brand new one, the Beer Party Patriots IQ Exam.  How many of you people are going to wear one of these all the way through November 2nd? Question:  What do you call six federal agencies at the bottom of the Potomac River?  Answer:  A good start. I think every week were going to come up with a new one, and it’ll be 16 agencies.  Then it’ll be 36.  We can go all the way up to, like, 16,000 federal agencies, and I still don’t think well have them all covered.

So Joe Miller now is being accused of wanting to repeal the 20th Century.  Good.  We should all want to repeal the 20th Century.  I’d like to repeal the 20th Century.  I’d like to repeal the rise of Nazism.  I’d like to repeal the rise of Bolshevism and the rise of Communism and the rise of statism and the rise of totalitarianism and the rise of the Monetarist and the fall of limited government and the fall of sound money and the rise of taxation, real taxation without representation, and the destruction of the United States Constitution,and the involvement of the American people in every war out there.  I’d like to repeal all that.  The end of the gold standard?  How about repealing all that?  Hey, you want to repeal the 20th Century.  Because you know what that’s code for.  You racist. You want to bring slavery back, don’t you.  That’s all you want.  You want people to work for you for free, don’t you, Mister.  You want to own a plantation, don’t you, Churchie.

magnificent samAnd then the whole piece goes on to say here, to recount how different people have said they were for repealing the Seventeenth Amendment until the fringe media and the Parrot Press Corps got a hold of it, said hey, what kind of a what kind of a racist bigot hick hayseed are you?

Miller shot back two weeks ago, “If it weren’t for senators like Lisa Murkowski, voters wouldn’t be talking about repealing the Seventeenth Amendment,” said Miller.  “Voters are frustrated by the bailouts, cap and trade, and the direction of our country.  I share those frustrations …and that is why I’m running,” blah blah blah blah.  And then she goes and gives a little brief history of the Seventeenth Amendment as a political football and details this:

In April 2004, a different Miller Zell Miller of Georgia introduced legislation to repeal the amendment; not surprisingly, he didn’t get very far.  That’s right. Because only idiots would be for decentralizing power and returning it away from Mordor on the Potomac.  Only fools would desire such a thing.  Four months later the issue reared its head [again] in then-Illinois state Sen. Barack Obama’s Senate campaign.  Obama’s Republican rival, Alan Keyes, said that Seventeenth Amendment repeal was a critical issue in [the] campaign.  He was right. That’s me saying that.  Since then, the issue has largely disappeared until this cycle.  Why, its back again.

Mike Church Show Transcript: Tyranny And Despair Are As Old As Man

A sampling of the campaigns in which its become an issue this year:  In the Colorado Senate race, the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee in August ran a TV ad against Weld County District Attorney Ken Buck, hitting him for previously supporting repeal of the amendment.  Buck has since explains that his prior statements on the amendment were a mistake.  Dont back off, you pansy, you wussy.  What the hell is wrong with these people?  Ill ask the question again.  Is the nut job that’s running against Mr.Buck in Colorado and the Parrot Press Corps thats attacking him, are they smarter, more wise, more erudite, more educated, more foresightful, and more statesman like than the men that inserted the election of senators into the Constitution and provided that they would be elected by the states because without the states there is no Constitution.

road-to-independence-BH-RTIDE2-detailLets go over this exercise again.  I asked the question in the last hour on Friday.  Ill ask it in the second hour on Tuesday.  Ladies and gentlemen, answerthe question.  And here’s the question.  I forgot what the question was, AG [laughing].  Whats that?  No, no, no, it wasn’t that question.  I got on such a roll that I lost my train of thought.  It’ll come to me in just a second here.  Let me finish this story up.  And Ill think of it.

In 2006, Utah state Sen. Howard Stephenson proposed what he termed a soft repeal of the amendment allowing state legislators to select Senate candidates.  Predictably, Sens. Bob Bennett who’s now been shown the door and Orrin Hatch came out strongly against the proposal.  Since then the issue had largely disappeared until this cycle.  And then you go to this one:  Dentist Paul Gosar, who is running against Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick in Arizonas1st District, said … there were unintended consequences that took place when the Seventeenth Amendment was created. The Democratic Congressional Committee quickly launched a TV ad that slams Gosar for the remarks.

In Ohios 15th District, Republican Steve Stivers, who is vying to unseat Rep. Mary Jo Kilroy, has taken flak for saying in response to a local 912 Project survey that he would support repealing the Seventeenth Amendment.  (Stivers later told the Columbus Dispatch he answered that question wrong.)  No, you didnt.  You answered the question correctly.  As a matter of fact, not only should the election of senators be returned back to the state legislatures, I would suggest to you that some states are too large to have just two senators.

End Mike Church ShowTranscript

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I loved it until the last sentence. To give a state more power over another state, just because it is bigger, is opening the door for democracy, which is mob rule and the demise of every great civilization. I know you know that Mike.

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