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On this [r]epublican radio podcast, special guest host Mark Kreslins discusses the goings on at the RNC, real solutions (such as secession and nullification) vs the sophomoric ones offered at the convention,  and much more! You can download or stream the entire show if you’re a Founder’s Pass member, and if you’re not, be sure and sign up now!

We will try to have a preview up later, the minions are working remotely because of Hurricane Isaac.

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Thomas Clough

Dear Mark,
Ask yourself, “What would the defense of marriage look like if a member of American Mensa took up the challenge?” What if this weirdo were able to argue the case for traditional marriage from a religious perspective and also argue the case for traditional heterosexual monogamous marriage from the perspective of a Darwinian humanist?

To date, the defense of marriage in courtrooms has been pathetic! The defenders have been unprepared and unimaginative. The homosexual theorists, by contrast, have been shaping public perception for six decades. Their novel paradigms have molded the perspectives of young Americans since birth. Even the President of the United States is the product of this persuasion. Mr. Obama is now carrying water for the Gay Power movement.

It’s not too late to arm yourself with deeper insights and better arguments for the struggle to save traditional marriage. Read the Mensa guy’s defense of marriage. It’s called The Death of Marriage and it’s the latest essay at .

Best wishes,

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