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Republicanism is the Best Hope for all Mankind


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A Most Happy Summer of Republicanism To You

2011 Mike Church

Hey Folks Mike Church here with Todays Church Doctrine.

Over the last 7 months of Church Doctrines we have covered the entire gamut of issues that make up our political discourse and we have also begun discussions on topics few rarely discussed, until now. The most cherished of these to me, your host, has and will always be what I call taking the founding fathers red pill or living in a republican manner.

For nearly 5 decades republicanism has been dormant, the victim of government inspired apathy. It has awakened and found a crowd with a most voracious appetite to learn why it is the preferred form of government. Why were so many of our Founders, regardless of official party loyalties, proud to call them selves republicans? Why did these same men write tens of thousands of pages of letters and pamphlets explaining, defending and hopefully passing republicanism onto the next generation?

Because, republicanism is the best hope for all of mankind and for Americans who will find at the core of its teachings a respect and love for the simple things close to home. Neighbors, churches, schools and merchants. That republicanism cherishes absolute private property rights which no law or legislative body can forcefully take from its rightful owner. That republicanism means sacrifice but not the kind of sacrifice so falsely described as patriotism today, the kind of sacrifice that requires men and women to personally respond to the genuine needs of those in their communities.

Republicanism also requires that the people living under its guide must be people of virtue and faith. That there be swift, just laws for those in the community who rely instead on hedonism, theft or violence. That governments are instituted to defend the former and punish the latter.

I am proud to have started this conversation with you folks and hope that you too can take time to enjoy the remaining splendors of this country this summer. Haircuts at the local barbershop. Snow-cones, ice cream or snowballs at the mom & pop down the street. A neighbors backyard pool party, a round of golf with friends at your favorite local club or just watching the local little league-rs get their first base hits. Sunday mornings in service and exchanging greetings with family, neighbors and clergy afterwards.

And of course, the republican tradition is heavily invested with the rhetoric of the days issues with arguments and debates where theres rarely a winner but always a loudest voice. This tradition is one of our best and if those discussions are over events on your Main Street with little care about Wall Street, your Main Street is clearly the winner and the republicans living nearby, the benefactors.

So Happy Summer to the Red, White & Dude, Founders Red Pill taking, little-r republican nation. See you in August!.

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