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Republicans: Acting Like Statists Since 1988 – Except When Actual Statists Have the White House

todayJuly 31, 2012 1 1

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What would “conservatism” look like if “conservatives” from the past were actually consulted? Brion McClanahan and Clyde Wilson have the answer in “Forgotten Conservatives in American History”

AGAIN: Incorporating the 2nd Amendment is what gives Congress the newfound power to “grab your guns”

16 year old Chinese girl smashes her own records, beats Ryan Lochte and sets a world record in swim event that we’re supposed to believe is the result of “talent development?!”

VIDEO: The result of Dear Leader’s Dream Act decree is now being seen and felt as ICE agents release anyone who claims to be “qualified for DREAM”, hmmm I wonder who they will illegally vote for this NOV (oh and Obama must pray that one of them doesn’t commit a heinous crime while on DREAM parole)

To many liberals delight, Romney praises Israel’s government run health care system and its wondrous bending of the “cost curve”

WRONG: Yet another wholly incorrect, hyperbolic screed pretending to explain our “first amendment rights” through the lens of incorporation. I might ask the writer if our “First Amendment Rights” extend to American Olympians embracing the Blitzkrieg in London

Buy a Chick Fil-A sandwich today or watch the REST of our traditions go the way of the Dodo bird like they did in Britain (yes, past tense is proper as in Britain has no more institutions worthy of defending)

Mark This Date: DNC votes to include a demand for gay marriage to the Democrat Platform aligning the State with anti religious forces bodes horrific things for the future

AmConMag’s McCArthy: The Right is still the statist-loving right it was when Bush 43 led it but it is anti-Democrat

Hold the phone on the Ted Cruz to victory: Dewhurst pollsters claim the DeceptiCON Dewhurst is leading in TX, GOP Senate runoff

Retread: If you read this Richard Cohen column on the wonders of government guidance (and by fiat, spending) you probably thought you had read it before and you would be correct, there is nothing in this column that hasn’t been said before

Ever wonder how the mortgage industry was taken over by Mordor? Read this: Crony Capitalism as practiced by the Mortgage industry

Last Train to Brokesville: New CA City is on the verge of bankruptcy as CA turns from “Golden State” to “Fools Golden State” 

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Written by: TheKingDude

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Would love to see the letter you read on air today, from the GOP stalwart whose name I don’t recall, to Rience Priebus.

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