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[r]epublicans Score One in Biden Country of DE-Incorporation Torpedoed

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Mandeville, LA  – With the amount of time and effort put into demolishing the foolish and destructive “Incorporation Doctrine” to  do what Patrick Henry termed “in spite of an erring world”; it is refreshing to receive mail like this, from Biden Country.


Jim Rash is the host of a 900-1200 M-F radio talk show here in Sussex County, DE (

Last week he raised the issue of the mayor of Houston and her supoenas, which he and several callers referred to as a First Amendment issue. I called him on air and asked if he was familiar with the incorporation doctrine. He was not. So I sent him the link to your page and the discussion with Kevin Gutzman and suggested this was an important matter for his listeners to learn about.

This morning, Jim gave full coverage of your and Kevin’s views on that doctrine and he promised to post the link on his and the station’s website.

Thank you for your dedication to conserving what should be conserved!

BTW, your “sermon” this morning (and the past several mornings) was right on target!


Fred Silva
Seaford, DE

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