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Restore The Republic – Rules Number, 1, 16 & 43

todayOctober 6, 2011 5

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    Restore The Republic – Rules Number, 1, 16 & 43 TheKingDude

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    Restore The Republic – Rules Number, 1, 16 & 43 TheKingDude

Restore The Republic – Rules Number, 1, 16 & 43

2011 Mike Church

Hey folks, its Mike Church with today’s Church Doctrine.

If the past is to be of any worth to us in predicting the future then we should look at revolutionary times and what were the results. Let us start with the ugly and make our way to the good. First up: the war of northern aggression. Had the Southern States remained part of the Union AND resisted Lincolns tariffs and other tyrannies their excuse for war would have been much harder to justify, buying much needed time to prepare for the ultimate separation. This is restore the republic rule #43: resist the Leviathan but dont piss it off enough to make them shoot you, until you are ready.

Now to the Bad. In 1937 FDR mounted his great assault on the Constitution, first with Social Security then with the creation of agencies the Supreme Court had to decide the Constitutionality of. FDR and the Socialists won that battle and we are still possessed of its evil. This is restore the republic rule #3: Never allow the Federal Courts to get the final say over the laws of a state. If federal judges outlaw marijuana-ignore them. if they order the take over of gun stores, have county sheriffs lock them out. If they try and shut down prayers before a graduation dare them to arrest 5,000 citizens chanting the Our Father. Their power is illegitimate and they must be told so.

Finally we get to the good. In the 1950s, Libtards infiltrated, occupied, then took over nearly every college campus and media newsroom in the country, by 1970 the assimilation was complete – God and Americas traditions were banished. All this was done without firing a shot promising a utopia. Now, let the dystopia they created crumble of its own weight. Do not patronize their colleges, cancel subscriptions to their media, kick them out of your organizations and vilify their evil with every chance you get. Brag about your home-schooled kids. Proclaim your pride in being self employed, leave copies of founding documents and classic books out in the open. We call that, restoration of the republic rule #1.

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Written by: TheKingDude

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