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6:19Welcome to the Mike Church Show on Call the show 844-5CRUSADE
The Mike Church Show is LIVE back in studio D from the Baltimore #SilenceStopsNow rally. Today’s Topics: Millennial men in the workplace, @USCCB conference, @amazon @Acosta and much more. Special Guests: @Rucker4WV Patricia Rucker and Daniel J. Flynn from the @amspectator
6:28 California Wildfires – HEADLINE: Sandra Bullock donates $100,000 to help save animals from California fires by Sandra GonzalezWhy do they choose California as the prime place to shoot movies? Because it hardly ever rains.So many polar bears they have now become an issue to society.Does this have anything to do with the climate or is it because they passed a law against killing polar bears?
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HEADLINE: Math Error: Scientists Admit ‘Mistakes’ Led to Alarming Results in Major Global Warming Study by Michael Bastasch
6:40 HEADLINE: Millennial Men Leave Perplexing Hole in Hot U.S. Job Market by Jeanna SmialekDo you really think the fact this pandemic continues to expand and spread, that this is not directly related to the attempted purge of ‘toxic masculinity’?Many of these young men are claiming disabilities!How are you disable at the age of 25?
6:507:03 Special Guest : Patricia Rucker West Virginia Legislature Amendment 1  – the No Right to Abortion in Constitution MeasureSecond year serving here in West Virginia.1993 Supreme Court decision made it so West Virginias taxpayers did in fact pay for abortions.It was a VERY hard push.2/3 of Senate and 2/3 of the House HAD to agree for us to even put this to the floor prior to a vote by the public.Currently NO Planned Parenthood facilities in West Virginia.The authority of the state has the control to determine funds for abortion.We don’t mandate to have sonograms prior to abortion and so that is the next thing I am going to work on.Still much work to be done because some of the wording is very vague.
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7:30 Asked by my Uber driver – What is the difference between a podcast and what you do?A podcast will get several different takes. They don’t have to perform live.Not many people can tell you the difference between the two.
7:34 This statement infuriates me so very much – I used to listen to you when you were on Sirius/XM. Why should the button on the radio that you get the show from matter?You get better quality audio, more original material than you get anywhere else.
7:498:09BACK TO HEADLINE: Millennial Men Leave Perplexing Hole in Hot U.S. Job Market by Jeanna SmialekBoys are mimicking girls these days.Boys are being raised as girls.President Trump and CNN reporter Acosta – Trump walks around the podium and moves toward Acosta. This is manly men behavior. Men scuffle, they argue, they may throw punches, they may hit the ground fighting. This is how men resolve conflict sometimes with other men.Father Sumich teaches boys Rugby at the TFP. (see image in the chatroom of Fr. Sumich in his cassock in the rain with boys covered in mud at practice)Back To The Future – how does Michael J Fox ultimately get Biff to stop harassing George McFly? He ultimately has to punch him in the face.
8:20  Caller Gadsden from Illinois –Daughter tells him metrosexual, skinny jean wearing faggot is at the door asking me who I voted for.Trust me it was quite the transition from her high school years.My son teaches an activity for men. Requires men to throw a device that is dangerous. They have found many men have not played any organized sport so they have to teach them how to throw before they can begin.VIDEO: Sandlot – Smalls has a cannon for an arm! The formation is largely correct. (SSPX and many other that have men coming out.)So what is the point in all of this?
My Pen Pal Paul S – We were discussing the advantages presented to young ladies and young men these days.
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8:579:069:08 HEADLINE: Why Catholic Bishops Can’t Solve The Crisis by Rod DreherI saw no one that made me want to drop to my knees and kiss their rings.I saw lots of Sister Mary Pantsuits.James Grein – sexually abused by McCarrick since he was 11 and it went on for 18 years.Uncle Ted would visit James’ house frequently for lunches and dinners.There were a pair of Sister Mary Pantsuits that had the Blessed Host exposed. She could have reached out and touched it while she gave a speech to the Bishops.CATHOLIC AIR RAID WARNING It has become a public mantra (and one hears this from both sides), that we shouldn’t “use” the abuse crisis to advance a theological agenda.  And I agree if by “theological” what you really mean is “political”, which is, sadly, most often the case — especially on the left.  But this is the quintessence of managerial thinking:  to reduce the abuse crisis as a brute fact and treat it as a discrete problem admitting of a discrete fix–if only we can get the right policies and structures in place.  Whereas I maintain that we cannot even really understand the crisis of abuse if we treat it “merely” as a crisis of abuse and refuse to understand it theologically.  We have to look inward (and upward), and I don’t know whether we remember how to do that.YOU DON’T NEED ANYTHING NEW TO ADDRESS THIS.You already have everything you need to address and fix this scandal.NOTE CONTENT APP: #SilenceStopsNow The conference speeches will NOT appear on the on demand app. They are NOT our property, we were invited by the Church Militant to broadcast for our listeners LIVE. We did not get permission to save and rebroadcast.
9:13 HEADLINE: US bishops vote against asking Vatican to release McCarrick documents by Doug MainwaringI think not only does the Pope not care about this scandal, I don’t believe he even cares about the Church he is in charge of. At the USCCB conference, American Bishops voted 83 to 137 against asking the Vatican for its documentation on the disgraced prelate.There were 2 Bishops that actually abstained from voting! How do you abstain from voting on this?I spoke with 3 people that have direct knowledge of what is happening to Catholics in China. It isn’t pleasant. They are going to start murdering these Priests.HEADLINE: The Pope Francis Little Book of Insults
9:27 HEADLINE: Monsignor Bux: Pope Francis Must Urgently Issue Profession of Faith by Edward Pentin The Vatican theologian says unless the Pope reaffirms Church teaching on morals, the faith and the sacraments, ‘the apostasy will deepen and the de facto schism will widen.’ the theologian consultor to the Congregation for the Causes of Saints said “heretical statements” on marriage, the moral life and reception of the sacraments are now “at the center of a vast debate which is becoming more and more passionate by the day.”The ministry of Christ was NOT literal.BACK to Pope Francis Book of Insults – “Creed-reciting, parrot Christian!”
BACK TO HEADLINE: “It isn’t Pope Francis’ Church, it is Jesus Christ Church.” – from speeches at #SilenceStopsNow
9:47Caller Danny from Ontario Canada – Evangelizing this past weekend.
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