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todayMay 4, 2016

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Will History Only Remember the Founders as Slaveowners?

Mike MonticelloMandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript“Let’s go to the Skype hotline and say hi to fill-in host and now accomplished author Suzanne Sherman, who wrote this essay for American Conservative Magazine about her trip to Monticello.”  Check out today’s transcript for the rest….

Begin Mike Church Show Transcript

Mike:  Let’s go to the Skype hotline and say hi to fill-in host and now accomplished author Suzanne Sherman, who wrote this essay for American Conservative Magazine about her trip to Monticello.  Suzanne has filled in for Mark Kreslins and Dr. Michael George here on the Crusade Channel.  It’s always a delight to have our lone female voice on the air with us.  Hi, Suzanne.  It actually is good morning to you because you’re two hours behind me.

Suzanne Sherman:  Yep.  Good morning to you, Mike.  It’s nice to be here.

Mike:  My pleasure.  What was the title that Dan McCarthy gave your essay?

Sherman:  Will History Only Remember the Founders as Slaveowners?

Mike:  Will they?

Sherman:  Well, if you read the comments, that certainly is the goal of what appears to be the purpose of the donation of David Rubenstein and a result of the public school system, which is funded by the government.  That really ties into what Mark Kreslins was discussing this morning, and why he homeschools and why I do as well.

Mike:  When you’re faced with a good conscience and goodwill, good Christian will, and you look at what the public school, what it produces, number one, and then what your children are subjected to, I regret not homeschooling my children now.  I did homeschool them in Latin and some other things they weren’t getting in school and in history.  I should say I supplemented their education.  Why would anyone leave their children to the public school system if they’re now going to start preaching about transgender’s and transgender and opening the bathrooms up like so many school systems are?  This is just another insult.

Sherman:  I’ll tell you what I experienced in the short time that my kids were in school.  It was a private school in Morgan Hill, California.  What I heard was a lot of the moms just couldn’t wait till their kids were old enough till they could dump them off all day and go and do their adult things without having to deal with their kids.  The problem is, when you delegate this sort of obligation, which is to raise your own children, educate your own children, those that have an agenda will take over and subvert your family values.  That’s exactly what we’re seeing right now.

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This is kind of going off the subject of the founding fathers.  The first school that I went to in San Francisco recently made headlines because they had transgender, or gender neutral, actually, bathrooms.  This was for kids that were in first grade.  They were proud of it.  You see how they begin this indoctrination purpose very early on.

Mike:  We’re going to get to your comments, but I think we can tie all these together.  Rod Dreher has this today.  You may have seen this as, “Goodbye, Public Schools?”


I was around town this weekend, and ran into a guy I know. I asked him how his family was (his kids are all preschool age). He mentioned at one point that “public school is not an option” for them. That surprised me. He went to public school, and has always been a supporter of public education. What changed?

Turns out the latest round of transgender stuff was the straw that broke the camel’s back. I told him that it would be a while before that stuff got to our local public school. Yes, he agreed, but it’s coming — and in his view, there is not much chance that local administrators Jefferson Graveand teachers could stop it if they wanted to, not if it’s a federal mandate.

What could I say? I think he’s right about that. But I thought about it all weekend. Here’s a young guy who works, and his wife works. Ordinary, salt-of-the-earth people. Goes to church, but not a holier-than-thou type, not by a country mile. And he has lost faith in public education — not because of the quality of teaching or the character of the teachers, but because he has come to believe that the federal government will roll over community standards when it comes to mainstreaming sexual, um, diversity.

The more I thought about it, the more I realized that all it will take is one lawsuit, or threat of a lawsuit, and gender-specific locker rooms and bathrooms will end.

[end reading]

Mike:  I was actually thinking – I had a conversation about this the other day with someone.  The first time a school is forced, or just gives in and maybe involuntarily, stupidly – they’re supposed to be in charge of the juveniles.  They’re not supposed to act juvenile.  They give in and makes a transgender bathroom policy.  The first time some little girl gets fondled, gets accosted, gets cornered, gets ogled, no matter what happens, in her own bathroom by some 17-year-old pervert standing next to her and the lawsuits begin, then we’ll get to the real heart of the matter, the real purpose of this: It never was and it never is about what it’s advertised to be.  This is obviously a sop for the trial lawyers.  You’re a lawyer.  You can see the lawsuits coming down the pike, can’t you?

Sherman:  Yeah.  It’s going to be amazing to see what the outcomes are going to be and if juries will be swayed by political correctness as opposed to justice.  You see this trend also in the schools, not just as a result of federal government overreach, but also locals that agree with this.  When Gavin Newsom – there was a lesbian wedding in San Francisco that first graders were taken to on a field trip.  His admonition very early on in this movement was: Get ready.  This is going to be happening everywhere.  Sure enough we’re seeing this.

Monticello GardenSeveral years after that event, at one of the political meetings I was attending in California, one of the ladies there was a second grade teacher.  She said: I just don’t know how to do this.  I don’t know what to say.  We have two little girls that were good friends sitting next to each other.  Another child says to them: You must be homosexuals because you’re good friends.  They don’t even understand what these concepts are.  They’re being introduced to them by adults.  How do you explain to them what that is when you don’t even want to, as a responsible parent, introduce that subject at that early age?

Mike:  If our mutual friend Dwayne Stovall is listening, call in on this because you have something to say.  If Dwayne won’t call, I’ll do my best Stovall impersonation.  [mocking Stovall] “Mike, there I was watching the draft with Jackson.  I was sitting there with my little Jackson.  On comes – they get ready to draft Michael Sam.  Then on comes this big bit on ESPN, all about gays in NFL.  How am I supposed to explain that to a five-year-old?  He loves the game, Mike.  How do I explain that to a five-year-old, that the man wants to go in the man’s locker room and be with men?  I turn off.  I just turned it off, Mike.”  It defies an explanation because you have no business explaining it to a child.  They don’t need to know.  This is the greatest imposition of all, the idea that Gavin Newsom knows better than the parents that unfortunately send their kids to public schools in San Francisco.

Let’s talk about your essay.  You write an essay.  Whenever I see that Kevin Gutzman actually writes something, a comment – he usually doesn’t unless – he’s very acerbic, shall we say.  When Gutzman says, “I was just reading the comments on your article.  They seem to have come from junior high graduates eager to broaden their knowledge.”

Sherman:  That was in a private text.  In the public one that was on the comments section of the American Conservative, he had said that it didn’t really appear that people had even read the article, and why would it be so wrong to focus on the lives of what he said the menial workers, to the substitution of discussing theories such as the Virginia Plan and theories of federalism and what our republic was intended to be.  Instead of that, all you hear about, all you see is discussions of slavery.  When you first walk up to Monticello, there’s a plaque – we were just there again last weekend – on the slavery act.  The article, unfortunately, had to be cut – over half of its length was cut out.  I wasn’t really able to lay the foundation for what I experienced there.  I also experienced this in several other sites, the most egregious of which was Harpers Ferry.  My intention is to publish the article in its entirety at some point very soon.

Mike:  You will.  I even know where you’re going to publish it at.

Sherman:  Fantastic.

Mike:  When he says that the comments are like they came from junior high students, this is what I say.  I encourage people, if you’re going to publish anything like that, or if you’re going to read around any of these articles, do not read the comments section.  The further down you get in the comments, the more IQ points you lose as you go.

Sherman:  And that’s time I will never get back.

Mike:  You just get more dumb as it goes on.  When you get comments on comments, then you have the judgment pornosphere coming into play.  It’s not a gay pride fest, it’s a real pride fest to see who can dig the most obscure quote up and throw it up in the window as: Na-ne na-ne boo-boo, I got you now.  I’ve got a better quote from Jefferson than you do, so you suck and I win.  That really is the extent of it.  If you haven’t read it, what Suzanne’s point was – I actually shared this story with Kevin about five years ago.  Mrs. Church and I and the daughters and my stepson, we went to Monticello.  We went as a family.  You stop at the gift store down at the bottom.  You take the bus up.  It was hotter than Hades that summer.  We went to the – the tour of the house and all that was fine.  It was a gentrified older woman who had lived around Monticello her whole life.  She knew the history of the building.  She knew all the stories.  She could spin a yarn and all that.  We didn’t get any of the stuff that you talked about, until, on the way out we decided we would stop at the film and watch the film.  I go sit in there and have the kids in there.  We’re watching this film and it’s a movie about Obama.  It’s got Obama in it.  I’m about halfway to: That’s it.  Either this is going to end or I’m just going to get up and leave.


Sherman:  Healthy doses of throwing in FDR as well, and Lincoln.

Mike:  That’s right.  That was the insult to the injury to throw Lincoln in there.  We got up and left.  I didn’t even see the end of it.  This is before I even had a – I think I had an iPhone then.  I went out to the car and sent Kevin a message.  I said: Dude, I am at Monticello and I cannot believe what I just saw in the viewing room.  Of course, he wanted to know.  I told him in a short text message.  His response was something to the effect: Mike, no place is free from this.  There’s just no place that’s free from it.  You can’t get away from it now.  They’ve taken over everything.  It’s an infestation.

Monticello Garden 2To think, though, that our institutions that are in charge of and charged with safeguarding the history, to think that they have become corrupted now.  They now basically have become – it’s all about – it’s not about the history now.  It’s now about presenting the history in a sense or in a way that they can compete with Kings Dominion, the theme park, or they can compete with Bush Gardens, the theme park, or they can compete with Waveland, the theme park.  That’s what history has basically now become in Virginia.  It is part of the competitive landscape for family vacation time.  That’s what it is.  It’s not about the history anymore.  That’s really sad.

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Sherman:  It’s become McDonald’s.  They’re just appealing to the masses.  There’s absolutely no substance.  There’s no nutritional value for your brain, so to speak.  What I’m seeing – I made a comment to some of the people that were absolutely trashing me on my Facebook page.  These are the kinds of people that couldn’t decide what to eat unless the food that they wanted was pictured on the menu.  When we talked about the comment about the junior high school education, one of the women on there said the fact that I even went to Montpelier, Madison’s home, shows that I was a racist because obviously he was a racist.  She imputed the three-fifths rule as being Madison’s idea and said he didn’t even feel blacks were a whole human being.  That shows two things.  First, the misunderstanding that it was Madison’s idea.  Second, that that was what it was about anyway.  That was never intended to show what the value of the blacks was.  There’s no connect with reality and what their arguments are.  This goes into the whole junior high school.  This is what I was actually taught in junior high school, that the founding fathers were racists who didn’t think that blacks or slaves were entire human beings worthy as representation one on one.

End Mike Church Show Transcript

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