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Rick From VA to Mike: Bail on Your Silly, Pathetic Ron Paul Revolution & Support Romney

Updated with Editor’s Note: Richard has discovered that his letter was published and in a growing fit of rage and delusion, fired off 4 sccessive, progrogressively outraged responses to other member’s responses, they are all gathered into one post in the comment section below, followed by Mike Church’s response.

Tampa, FL – From today’s show-the email I read on-air:


Your learned grasp of American history and respect for Liberty notwithstanding, you are wasting your breathe trying to interject those principled arguments into this campaign.  While I am not thrilled with 1) our candidate and 2) the behaviour of the party leadership, we are in the middle of a fight with a Democratic statists for the leadership reigns of the country.  For Ron Paul supporters, including yourself, to sit on the sidelines with your bat and ball, refusing to do the right and correct thing, which is to support Romney now that he is the chosen candidate, is pathetic, disappointing and dangerous.  There is too much at stake and the margins are too thin to be playing “holdout” at this late stage.  Save it for after we take control back, or loose your voice.  If you insist on playing the spoiler, we *will* turn our back on you and your show.

ps- I like alot of what Mr. Paul stands for, but after watching him during the debate, I realized he could never be President.  He has zero “presidential” presence, with his tossled hair and nervous snickering.  I’d swear he was standing pidgeon-toed on stage, as if he had to go to the bathroom. For God’s sake, I half expected him to wipe his nose with his sleeve, like some ridalin-regulated ADD adolescent.  Mr. Washington or Mr. Jefferson, Ron Paul is not, and to think he is a viable candidate is absurd.


Troy, VA

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Jim McCormick

Well, I must say that I really enjoyed this tennis match of comments! I do appreciate Richard’s comments being well thought out and although he tried his darned hardest to form a lucid argument, he was still found to be a straw man.

I ran for U.S. Congress in 2010 (Special Election) as an Independent. I can attest to just how hard it is to get people to open their minds because MANY people listened to the Richards of the world and believed in their Anti-Vote (simply trying to vote for the most likely to keep the “bad guy” from getting elected). It didn’t work then and it didn’t work now. I am a Libertarian but I have a real issue with political parties. I was asked time and time again… “Why don’t you run as a Republican? or Libertarian or whatever…” They missed the point that I tried my best to drive home and that was that political parties are ruining (if not already ruined) this country. Wonder why it always seems that you vote in a decent, intelligent and seemingly caring and honest person to Mordor and they end up being corrupted? It’s because they are part of a political machine that doesn’t take kindly to individual ideas, initiatives or… votes. Boehner tried to muscle people in his collective in regards to the Plan B vote and I was amazed that it didn’t work. Ultimately, however, they failed as individual representatives to stand up to the establishment and vote for what they promised. (small govt, lower taxes, et. al.)

I had an interesting conversation with Carl Cameron from Fox News and although our conversation started out rather rocky (I accused Fox of being far from “fair and balanced”), it ended with the two of us understanding each other and with me having an even better understanding of what had happened on election day, particularly with the two major parties kicking out my knees.

My real understanding is that unless you vote Independents into DC, no change will really ever happen, and although I can’t guarantee that even those people won’t gravitate to a party, I can guarantee that the current system is fundamentally broken. I now understand that we as a people need to change our attitudes (particularly you Richard) and become more involved in not just the Federal level, but the State and Local in particular. We need States to pressure Mordor since there is no “Golden Ring” we can simply throw into the volcano.

-Jim McCormick

PS. Richard – in the words of Michael J. Fox in “An American President”, “Why don’t you just vote your conscience you chicken S*!T Lame Ass!”.


“Mr. Washington or Mr. Jefferson, Ron Paul is not, and to think he is a viable candidate is absurd.”

Dont worry, douchebag- Washington and Jefferson would lose today if they ran for President, in the flesh. Because there is no law against suffrage for the the ignorant. How about the actual life a man has lived being a little more important than “looking Presidential” on the boob tube.


Your last sentence – THANK YOU!

Looking presidential – could we be more shallow?

Andrew Luder

Richard says if we don’t vote for Romney, they (Big R’s) will turn their backs on us. Well excuse me Richard, but I do believe that already happened at the Republican National Convention. It also happened at the Presidential Debates where candidates like Gary Johnson were denied a chair by both the R’s and D’s. Really sir, threats to do what you have already done will not change votes. If you can present evidence that Mitt Romney is going to be a better, less government, more freedom, and constitutional leader than Ron Paul or Gary Johnson then I am all ears and waiting to hear it. Otherwise, I will vote for Gary Johnson, keep my powder dry, supplies stocked, and family close. You see sir, neither Romney or Obama will do anything about the debt or the fiat currency. Those problems WILL lead to a crash of the dollar and an end to life as we know it. So good luck with that Sir, I will stick to the only principles that will save the country.


Haven’t pulled the lever for president in the past 3 elections and don’t know that I will again unless it’s for Johnson…

Justin K

“Never argue with stupid people, they will drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience. ”

Show the so called “Republicans” we will no longer support their “our statist is better than they’re statist” candidates. Support Gary Johnson.


Same old rhetoric, I like some of the things Ron Paul stand for but. It is always BUT. Will they just grow a set and say Ron Paul is a idiot because those decepticons and libtards are in this monstrocity together. When Rome fell I bet those in charge new exactly what they had done. Now that those same people are in charge again all they talk about is the speck of wood in our eyes and do not even consider the plank in theirs. The Lord said he promised to never destroy this world again with water but, that the next time he would destroy this world with fire yet those elitists still talk about the speck of wood in our eyes. Fire will clean this mess you can bet on that but, what do I know I am just a Paulbot or a cultist of some order. Money is not what will destroy this world but, Greed is. The love of money and the more they take the more they want. An addiction they can not control.


EDITOR’S NOTE: We have gathered all of “Richard’s” posts on this subject and compiled them into one, long, tirade. The Original parts are marked “Tirade 1” & co.

Tirade 1
Ron Paul declared the seriously disturbed Bradley Manning “a hero” for sharing the military information he was obliged by oath to protect. This is your “principled” saviour of a candidate? Ron Paul, in 30+ years in Congress, has passed how many important pieces of legislation? If you cannot get enough consensus to get bills passed, you are not a leader. Ron Paul might have some good ideas, but he is not a leader of men. Sorry to burst your bubble. Mitt Romney is a leader, and the more he talks, the more Americans like what they are hearing and seeing.

Tirade 2
Voting rarely allows us the oppotunity to support someone we whole-heartedly believe in, it is almost always a choice between the lesser of two evils. For you tri-cornered hatters to think you are somehow more principled by ignoring this reality is sadly and pathetically pudd’n headed. Your truculant attitudes only serve to help BHO to another, and potentially more damaging, 4 years in office. No one will remember your vote for Gary Johnson, or Virgil Goode (a man I supported as my congressman….) or Ron Paul. History will only record the lurch toward tyrannical socialism and the diminshment of America as a world force. I repeat, thrice more, go ahead waste your vote, and enjoy the fruits of neo-marxist progessive rule. BTW- you can rejoice in the demise of all those neo-con broadcasters, since they will most likely be taken off the air if BHO wins another term. Yeah, let’s hear it for the founding father brigade, they were sooo principled!

Tirade 3
Doug- After you grow a brain large enough to realize that life under a 2nd term socialist-reparationist will be far worse for America than under a liberal Republican. Mike’s tri-cornered hat brigade all think they are so much more principled to join the fray, but don’t think for a minute that you will be immune to the gun bans, 1st amendment abridgements, wealth redistributions, et al, that are already underway under this president. To equivocate the outcome and net affect of a Romney administration to another 4 years of BHO is the height of folly. Here’s a little reality pill that you desperately need to swallow, with Romney in office, the founding father brigade at least have a place at the table. Under BHO, we are *all* locked out of the process. I was “principled” many years ago, and voted for Perot, whom I still think was the best candidate. All I accomplished was facilitating Clinton’s victory, and the ensuing 8 years of progressive statism. Before telling anyone to “grow a set” (…your parents must be so proud of their erudite child…), why don’t you first grow up yourself, and deal with reality.

Tirade of the IV
It means not looking like Dennis the Menace, overdue for a potty break, which is how Dr. Paul appears on stage. For God’s sake, for all the 3-pointed hat delusions that you folks are smitten with, the notion that you can effect change without *winning* is the greatest. Ron Paul has a few good ideas, he is rock solid on the 2A, for instance, but there is no way in God’s green earth that the public would have elected him. His statement the Bradley Manning is a “hero” for leaking military information is just one example of why Dr. Paul is completely unacceptable to most Americans. Stop wasting your collective talents and genuine concern for our nation on windmill tilting, rather roll up your sleeves to the task of pressuring a Romney administration in the cause of Liberty.


Hey Mike- Which of my words depict “fits of rage and delusion”. Upon reflection, it appears that I am calmly and civilly (when I’m not being challenged “…grow a set…” by your thoughtful followers…) attempting to explain why all your well-placed concern for this nation, and its constitutional derailment, will be for naught if the BHO wins re-election. Under Romney, your arguments hold a measure of sway, under the Boy Marxist, they will be completely ignored. So the question for you is, do you want to be a big man on a little hill, alone with your band of merry tri-cornered hat brigade, or do you want to share the mountaintop with Romney/Ryan and influence the direction of the country?


Mike- How do you hold up such a broad brush without straining your wrist? Where did I talk of American global militarism *anywhere* in any of my posts?
The single utterance evenly remotely close was to use the term ‘world force’, which can mean anything from economic competitor to scientific innovation powerhouse! If it helps you focus your response, I used in the context of economic relevancy on the world stage. Talk about allowing one’s narrative to distort reality… Your other mischaracterizations were not as egregious, but none the less indicate that any reasoned discussion of how best to effect change and influence by hard core Libertarians, of which until recently I believed myself a practitioner, will just engender untold grief and outrage directed my way. In the end, it is clear that you are determined to dissipate your energies fighting and disparaging those closest to your philosophy. Very sad.
ps- on a lighter note- you folks remind me of the Life of Brian, with the People’s Liberation front of Judea fighting with the Liberation Front of the Judean People fighting the Judean Liberation Freedom Front……


BTW- How can you be so sure that a Romney administration would result in “..(further) damage to the Constitution and republicanism (no trade mark allowed) …”? You speak of this as a foregone conclusion. How about opening your mind, and giving this proven descent American a chance? He might surprise you.


Decent= of good moral character


Uh, yea, how did that “hold your nose and vote for Romney anyway” thing work out for ya? I bet more people like you that sold out all they stood for wish they had now taken the principled high road and not lowered themselves by voting for Moderate Mittens!


I’m torn between how I want this election to go. While I didn’t agree with Ron Paul on everything, he is my #1 choice. Out of the two viable candidates, I’m split. With Paul not having a chance, I’m almost an “anybody but Obama” man, but I see a bigger issue.

While I want a true Conservative in the White House, Romney isn’t him. I think we need a candidate who will go in and clean house. All eyes will be on him, and undecideds and moderate Dems will be watching. If we could get someone to really fix this country, we will gain support for the next election. But if we get a moderate, someone who will go in and just compromise with the Dems, we won’t make any progress…and will lose support, because our claims of how a Republican will “fix things” will go up in smoke.

The best I can hope for now is for Romney to get in, and be more conservative than his past record shows. My fingers are crossed.


One more thing, Rick from VA,

Good Day Sir!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


My good lord. The Republicans could not give a dump about those of us that want freedom and the constitution. You threaten to forget us sir? You will go the way of Rome.

People you need to get ready for bad times ahead.

The future is the past.

Mike Lavender

If everyone would follow Dr. Paul’s lead and work to get our government back to the scale it should be, we could start a more substantial movement. Only focusing on the presidency leaves out us of the process when one person is nominated.

Start looking for and supporting local and state politicians. Hold your congressmen and senators to the expectations we have for the liberty movement.

Mike only points out that both parties have flaws, not necessarily because of the people but because of the system. So don’t shoot the messenger, do things that make a difference. And getting Barack Obama out of the White House is one of those things.

I believe that Mr. Romney is more conservative than some think. If we work to influence him more along the lines of our movement, then we can accomplish significant gains. If we stay home, those conservatives on the ticket may not get the votes they need to reform Congress to get the ball rolling.

Remember, Dr. Paul ran as a Republican so he could have more influence on the platform. Don’t let him down after all the efforts he has made over the years.

Jon Mantecoso

I love it. Like Wilkow, I too believe this country is not polarized enough. The principled are now being separated from the non-principled, and the lines are being drawn. The Revolution of Ideas is happening. This is a very exciting time to be alive. Oh, and I can’t wait to not vote for the Republicans or the Democrats. Makes me feel warm and fuzzy after reading this email!

Robert Jones

That’s funny, Troy from VA – on the debate stage, I thought Ron Paul looked more presidential than anyone else. The man exudes honesty and never waivers from his principles. For decades he has consistently been ostracized and ridiculed, yet he never once deviated from his message, and furthermore, he was never once rude or denigrating toward his attackers. When you say “I half expected him to wipe his nose with his sleeve, like some ridalin-regulated ADD adolescent,” some politicians will show contempt on their face – Ron Paul would actually listen and accept the criticism, even if he disagreed. Ron Paul exemplifies what is great about Americans and about America. He comes from a time that we are fast losing, a time when we respected one another despite our disagreements. He is never envious, snide, or smug. He doesn’t even talk to lobbyists, while most other politicians are lobbyist puppets. He realizes spending hours bickering over details obfuscates and distracts from the reality – that we are tacitly endorsing a flawed approach to government. And he has labored for most of his life to reveal this to others. We should all thank our lucky stars that we have been blessed with such a man. Ron Paul is, without a doubt, the intellectual and political leader of our time.


Two puppets playing to a failed paradigm. Vote as you see fit, it is an empty gesture when faced by the dollar collapse. Nice video series laying out where we are “The Greatest Truth Never Told”:


So let me get this straight. First they liked Gingrich then it was Santorum now it is Romney and those Conservatives “R” want us to pick up our toys and go home. Gentlemen, remember where Beck came from “cnn”, Webb was a fill in, Levin cannot make up his mind, Hannity is a Rush shirttail fringe element and they have the nerve to tell me how to vote when it suits their agenda. That element cannot handle the fact that Ron Paul is a little”r” republican. I get it, I know he will not be the nominee but do you think my conscience will just let these imbeciles run roughshod over me? I think not! Now Richard “baaaah” I hope you know what road your being led down. I also realize that the format of their shows belong to them but, I can still call and they can hangup on me that is totally up to them. Wonder how the ratings system works for zee establishment.


Somewhere,little , whispering, Jimmy Madison is laughing.
Un presidential , indeed.

Don Collins

edited my orginal comments….I spell checked but didnt read check it

tyranny of the state is not defined by the lesser of 2 evils….it is still tyranny. The state has become a tyrant and it isn’t going to get any less tyranical because Romney is elected, not even a speed bump, it will continue on at an ever increasing speed through its current momentum until it is hit with rebellion and you can’t start that in one election at the top of the federal leviathon. That happens in your own community. Freedom wasn’t born overnight and this tyranny will not be gone next year or in the next 10 years, but if we stay strong at the local level and change the base , then maybe, just maybe we can succeed from this tyranny….I am a dreamer=)

Will Davis

Wow what a Libtard! Keep listening to Hannity, Levin, Fox news, and the other “R” decepticons. They will lead you to your utopia. Have fun! We will see you on the othe[r] side!

Andy Luder

If Romney and the GOP/RNC statists lose, they have nobody to blame but themselves. I had decided that I would hold my nose and vote for Romney right up until the past few days. Had they just sat the delegates and shown a little class, the outcome of the vote would still end up the same, and many of us may have held our nose and voted for Romney. But the actions of the last few days have proven to me that they are only interested in power, the more the better. Congrats Mitt, you and your folks poor treatment of Dr. Paul, his delegates, the liberty movement, and the country have garnered another vote for Gary Johnson. My vote will not be wasted if my integrity stays intact and I can still look at my children and know I tried to do the right thing. Mike is right, the only way we are going to make any change is to start in our own communities.

Doug Adams

Richard button that big fat lip you got.Stop your whining and for once be a man ! Your kid,s deserve better than you being a go along puke.How bout you grow a set.

Wil Shrader Jr.

I mean Richard.

Wil Shrader Jr.

Troy should get the government his wants and get it hard. He should also be ashamed to claim to be from Virginia.


Every POTUS since 2004 has been presented as THE MOST IMPORTANT ELECTION EVER!!

Of the four POTUS elections from 2000, the 2004 election was the one where I did feel that Bush II, with all his flaws was still the best candidate versus a lesser of two evils choice between Democrats and Republicans.

Is this the most important election of our times?

To convince me that I should compromise myself and vote for Willard M. rMoney you need to first convince me that Republicans have done anything of note lately to fight the tide of statism and the final grinding of the BOR under the jackboots.

NDAA – Bipartisan
Debt ceiling increase – Bipartisan
addition of debt – Bipartisan

The Boehner led Republican HOR has had the option of not signing continuing budgets and not passing the debt ceiling increase. Instead, Boehner in 2011 jumped at the chance to get media face time for cutting 40 billion in the face of a 1.5 trillion deficit. That’s a savings of 40,000,000,000.00 on a budget deficit of 1,500,000,000,000.00. Way to go John Boehner. Courageous!!!!!

I’m voting Gary Johnson.

Steve W

There is no shame in voting your conscience and I would never try to dissuade you from voting for the best candidate… no but. I have ALWAYS voted for the best candidate according to my conscience, party aside (here’s the but), but on this one Obama is constitutionally SO terrible that even Mitt looks likes a knight in shining armor. I believe that he will only be fractionally superior to Obama on constitutional issues, but on the moral values that once made this country great, he is far superior to the incumbent and therefore, I feel I must vote Obama out and then protest for the government as defined in the constitution and pray that our new president will see the light.


WTF is “presidential presence”? Does that mean he can’t lie with a smile on his face? What experence did Washington or Jefferson or Madison at being president?? I think we would better off installing a person picked at random for 4years in the whitehouse then the choices we have.


“He has zero “presidential” presence, with his tossled hair and nervous snickering.”

Funny. I didn’t notice his “unpresidential presence”. I guess that was because I was too busy listening to what Dr. Paul was saying. Richard, had each of the candidates debated behind a curtain would Dr. Paul be the one you would have wished to be the Republican nominee? If not, then your priciples are not that of a [r]epublican or a conservative (whatever that is) and any other choice should ultimately suit your beliefs. However, if Dr. Paul would have been your choice based on substance, I think you need to consider voting based on priciple and not what you or anyone else would define as presidential based on superficial characteristics.

As for me, I will have a very difficult time reconciling a vote for Romney when I know there exists alternatives that coincide with what I believe to be important. Unfortunately, that is a side effect of the “Little Red Pill”. Thanks a lot Mike!


I work with people who think a “Principle” is a school administrator. Thusly , the “Get on board to beat Obama chant” begins. When I voice my concerns over things like “Repeal & Replace” I get comments like “You are going to kill us”. In as far as “third party” comments here… Why can’t a third party candidate win? Because the two major parties will NOT let them. RNC has changed it’s own rules to void out a candidate who just wants debate. Mr Paul , i believe , is not running as a third party candidate. As Mike Church has said ” Start at the local level”.


It’s good to see I’m not alone in my reaction to the “just get onboard and shut up” philosophy of the Republicans. What I find unbelieveable is how the RNC ramrod’s a rule that they can replace a State”s delagate with one of their choosing and then expect us to hold our nose and vote for their Big R canidate. Seems the Tea Party, FairTax supporters, 9-12 members and any other Liberty minded grassroots group just received a black eye from the fist of the RNC. Let’s see how that work’s out for Romney. They have made it all the more easier for me to vote for the canidate who I have the most in common with…Gary Johnson.

D Murphy

READ: OMG! You guys are totally not being superficial!

John Coroy

I get the mid-placed attraction to tall handsome presidential looking candidates. I have had to resist that shallowness myself. It reminds me of the Old Testament story of Isreal’s first king Saul. He was tall and handsome. But he was a weak leader with a corrupt heart. Without the heart being grounded in solid principles the rest is just eye wash and the nation will suffer. It remains to be seen, as president, where Romney’s heart is as to his fidelity to the U.S. constitution.

Wil Shrader Jr.

We already know the answer to that. If you didn’t, you certainly wouldn’t have paid to subscribe to this site. The entire Re-pube-lickin’ party has as much heart in or fidelity to the Constitution as the Dumb-o-crats. Anything you may believe to the contrary is only what we are being SOLD by them. We are the customers and their empty rhetoric is the product. And it causes cancer.


Richard from Troy, Virginia is illustrative of the typical party partisan. I am sure he spends his entire day not only listening to King Dude, but Beck, Wilkow, Hannity, Levin and now Webb. The Decepticon presence has overwhelmed SiriusXM Patriot! I would bet people like Richard from Troy Virginia could not in any way shape or form articulate why they label themselves “conservative” much less discuss the intellectual foundation of modern conservatism! To the vast majority of those calling themselves “conservative”, it is being part of a team! They are on the GOP side of the team with their cheerleading entertainers, Hannity, Limbaugh, Levin, etc etc. They equate insults and loud speech with debate and discussion!

As John Stuart Mill said,

“Although it is not true that all conservatives are stupid people, it is true that most stupid people are conservative.”


Just to be clear……….Wilkow is NO decepticon………

Steve W

I agree with you. Other than Mr. Church, Patriot is almost devoid of the Patriot mentality. I wish they would give Judge Napalitano a show and flush Hannity, Beck, or Levin down to the Neo-Con sewer where they belong.

I like a lot of Mr. Wilkow’s opinions as well as Mr. Webb’s opinions, however, I believe that they are both Neo-cons because of their American Exceptionalist opinions.


I once stood on principle and voted for Ross Perot. Clinton won. Note to self: Kick my ass! In the Presidential election only, compromise or lose!

On a scale of 1 to 10 I rate the candidates thusly: Obama – 0, Romney – 3, Paul – 7. I will vote for Romney because no third party candidate will win until that party also owns a significant number of seats in Congress. And no third party President could ever accomplish anything without a plurality in Congress.

A disturbingly large proportion of American voters are like the Platte River – a mile wide and an inch deep. Appearance and presence DOES count for them. See: the TV debate between Nixon and Kennedy – widely believed to be the turning point in that campaign. Like it or not, and I don’t, it’s true. Reality bites.

The keys to retaking America are: Fill the Congress with REAL conservatives on term limits; then elect a conservative leader to President; buy enough time to do that by electing the best candidate for President that could win from the two parties we have now. Hint: Obama ain’t it.

Steve Avery

I am just wondering why we do not believe a third party candidate could win. Is there not the chance that if everyone that believed in the third party platform voted for the third party candidate they could win. I am to the point that I am tired of “settling” and voting for the lesser of two evils, I don’t want to settle anymore, I will stand by my principles and I ask everyone to stand by their principles. The Republican party proved at the onset of the RNC that they are just as tyrannical as they like to claim the Democratic party is. The voting, if it can be called voting, of the rule change showed in no way that the “Party” has any intention of listening to the People, if that’s the case then how are they any different from the Dems? Vote your principles, you’ll sleep better at night.

Mike W.

…” we are in the middle of a fight with a Democratic statists for the leadership reigns of the country.” So I’m supposed to get in the middle of that fight and support Romney because a republican statist is better than a democrat statist? Logic fail. No wonder America is in decline. Besides, I watched the RNC convention yesterday and the message was clear that Romney doesn’t want the Paul supporters votes. Out of respect for Mr. Romney’s wishes I won’t vote for him or his statist opponent Mr. Obama.

Scobie Wilcoxon

If I remember correctly, ol’ Abe, hero of decepticons, didn’t look presidential either.


This is a perfect example of sheep following sheep. Everyone thinks one man is going to fix the issues at hand. The issues cannot be fixed, because Romney does not know the problems. The problem lies with in the federal monster that has been left to feed off the uneducated, unvigilant modern day American. 1- the problem is lack of respect and adhearance to the constitution. 2- to fix the problem, go back to the roots of the constitution ratified by the founders.
All the tricks and schemes that Romney may have to try and fix the economy will not work, because he will not let the free market work. I for one , is disappointed in the GOP actions about the rail roading of Ron Paul delegates . I will never vote for another GOP er again. And many of my close circle feel the same way. Now the game is on, watch Romney lose, my vote goes to Gary Johnson. This is what this county needs is to throw off the tyrannical establishments. And for a new party based in the principles that our founders had.

Herscher, Illinois


You know I pulled out my trusty pocket Constitution and read it over and over again. Article II, heck no where could I find a mention of “Presidential presence”.

It’s laughable how Paul is judged by different set of rules. Romney is on the wrong side of so many issues and people give him a pass, yet Paul has a couple of things albeit the correct way of seeing it, and he is not electable.

By this listener’s logic, Romney walks like a woman with a size 5 foot to Obama’s long stride and swagger so maybe Obama should win. That would be better “presidential presence ”




I will hold my bat an ball an wait for someone who adheres to the founding principals of the country. We have far too much at stake to settle for a candidate who does not share those same values and principals.

Liberty was not founded upon government intervention and social engineering from the right or left it was founded upon the belief that government needed to only control their own behavior.

I find it irresponsible and unpatriotic to implement and place forward ANY options that deter from Liberty. Liberty is the cornerstone of our great nation. We must have liberty to tackle fiscal responsability. We must have Liberty to reform social programs. We must have liberty to “provide for the common defense”. Entitlement programs and the like exist solely due to the fact that liberties have been removed.

Therefore I will stand on my principals. I will stand with my head held high because I have an obligation to this country to not settle for second best. This country deserves better. The people deserve liberty and should not choose otherwise.


“Richard, you area dumbass.” ~ Red Foreman

Rob S


YOU are exactly what we are fighting against. “Save it for after we take control back, or loose your voice.” First of all, it’s “lose”, not “loose”. Second, that is exactly the statist, anti-constitution kind of statement that Ron Paul and the Libertarians are fighting against. “Do what I want, or you will be excluded.” You are simply another zombie, following an insane and self-destructive party down the road to collapse. Well, we are not lemmings, and we will not follow you over the cliff. You don’t like Ron Paul, fine. But the ideas that he so clearly articulated over and over have taken hold, and they will carry on, even if he is not a candidate. So the RNC can do what it wants, but most Liberty supporters will vote for whoever will best carry on that fight, and right now, that’s Gary Johnson. If that causes Mitt to lose, tough. The RNC should have thought of that before committing fraud to get him nominated.

Mike Lavender

I don’t think they committed fraud to get Romney nominated. They certainly made some very poor decisions relative to seating the delegates, which would not have made a difference in the final nomination.
Has anyone sued the various state parties that changed the rules or possibly broke the law in doing this?

Relative to Gary Johnson, he may carry on the fight until the election but then will fade into the sunset. I agree with your principles but we need to carry on the fight so we can make a difference.

Why do you think Dr. Paul stayed in the Republican primary?

carl goodson

Some people will just never get it! This just goes to show everyone how many people )like Troy from Virginia) are so shallow they cannot stand on principle. Troy, do you really believe there will be a significant difference if Romney is elected? If so you are demonstrating your lack of conviction…not to mention common sense!

Judy Avery

Oh…so we should support a candidate because of how they look rather than their principles? Yep, that’s exactly why we are in the shape we’re in.


May I suggest that we DO follow Romney because he is not Obama – and here’s why.

Although Romney does not offer the political outcome preferred by Constitutional Conservatives, by denying the Progressives the reigns of power and the ability to continue the destruction of the United States of America, the election of Romney offers the citizens of this great country a step in the right direction.

Is the Republican machine going to capitulate and offer serious reforms? No, not without a fight, and fight we must. We must work diligently to change the guard, nurturing and installing candidates who are like-minded conservatives, with the goal of permanently altering the course of American history.

Americans are finally waking up. Our best bet is not to embolden those who value conservative principles to seek election via a third party, but to take the Republican party over from within so that we do not dilute the vote of other conservatives.

Keep the faith. We can do it and free future generations of Americans so that they may pursue their own liberty.


It can work, but not in our lifetime. Look how long it took the progressive communists to finally take over the Democratic party. God willing, we can make gains election after election, using the mainstream Republican vote to our advantage.

For the most part, the Republican machine has already lost control of the primary process and our candidates are winning. I believe we can secure a majority within the Republican congress and set the agenda, returning government to its established, federal purpose while returning sovereign power to the states.

If indeed a separation is unavoidable, then nurturing those same conservative candidates through the state system does nothing but provide an advantage over those progressives who wish to destroy freedom and maintain the status quo.

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