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RNC Tampa- These Are NOT the [r]epublican Patriots I came Looking For…

REVOLT! The GOP/RNC plan to hold a vote tomorrow that will basically do to the state GOP delegations what the Federal Congress did to the states with the 17th Amendment: strip them of their roles in the process as insular political entities. Tea Party groups promise a fight-we have it all Tuesday morning on Sirius/XM Patriot


Food stamp use or what is today called “SNAP” is up 64% since Hurricane Obama hit the American mainland and 395% since Bush 43 & the Fed started “fixing the economy” but like the song goes about the American sheople and Chevy vans “…but that’s alright by me”

This nifty little animation shows the 5 groups that allegedly make up the GOP this year except they forgot the bigest group of all: DeceptiCONS

J W Antle III – Where does Rand Paul go from here and how will he get there?

The Ryan Rebound (in polls) is so small that it can barely be measured and doesn’t even measure up to Mama Grizzlies 5 point surge in 2008

Jordan Bloom’s review of the final keynote of Ron Paul’s career, his speech Sunday night at the Sun Center in Tampa

Of course the Democrat Circus next week already has controversy surrounding it with the herd of angry, single women with children descends on Charlotte demanding FREE post birth-control parasite food: day care

A “source” claims that NJ Gov Christie was offered the Veepstakes but chose NJ and its battle for casino dollars over the Mittster and his losing efort

“Big Trouble in Little Romney?” Romney “transition team” is being run by the former governor of Utah in defiance of the demands made by the DeceptiCON, pro-Israel crowd

SCHOLARLY: This gentleman has pledged to read ALL the “Great Works” of Western Civilization in a mere 7 years. How many of these “Great Works” have YOU read?

Balance Schmalance: Veronique de Rugy making way too much sense and advocating someone actually plan to…wait for it…balance the budget WITHOUT raising revenues! [insert crickets chirping here]

The Dallas Fed ADMITS there is such a thing as “unintended consequences” when it comes to WILDY, INSANE loose money and interest rate fixing!? nooooo, say it isn’t so

Eeeeeek, Shreiiiiiik the sea ice is melting, the sea ice is melting, we are doomed, doomed you hear! That is a sample headline from CBS, NBC & HuffPo but the truth is that less than 1/1600 of 1 % has “depleted” this year– just wait’ll the solar cycle 24 vibes hold for another 3-5 years and we’ll see the worry over ice encroachment

Dave Barry: Who was the masochist who wanted to have a political convention in FLORIDA a mere 12 years after Bush vs Gore among other Seminole tragedies

How is it statistically or even magically possible that Obama is staring down a re-election bid that will be successful!?

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Will Davis

You packed a lot of info[r]mation into this one page! Thanks

cindy lucas

I am recieving emails from committee members saying thay are against the rule changes. We will seee this morning. Cspan live Thanks Mike for your help

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