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The Mike Church Show World HQ

Republicans talk a good game when it comes to “downsizing gubbmint” then do the opposite when it comes to actually doing it

I say the RNC “mystery speaker” is a hologram animation of Thomas Jefferson telling the GOPP to reverse everything they’ve done since the MO Compromise

The missing foreign policy speeches we were looking for came last night without the humility and retrenchment we were hoping for and that includes Rand Paul’s speech which curiously ditched the Pentagon audit

RNC Wednesday Evening Program: Night of the War Hawk

The Ryan Plan and the promises of small government do NOT match the historical record

Here is the transcript of Paul Ryan’s RNC speech

George Will asks the question I have been asking: Are voters REALLY ready to support dismantling the Leviathan they elected or just talking a good game? (I say they are talking a good game)

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Nothing has changed. Many of us were so hopeful after the 2010 election. We should have seen this coming after many so-called “Tea Party” candidates turned their backs on the very people who were responsible for their election success. The only answer in my opinion is to form a 3rd party as soon as the Nov. election is over. I’m sick of hearing that our current officeholder has increased the debt. We have had a Republican led House that controls funding give him carte blanche without protest. If you want the Afgan war to cease stop funding it. Obamacare too expensive besides the fact that it’s another step toward the long road to communism, stop funding it. STOP FUNDING THESE PROJECTS. STOP! How hard is this?

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