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The Mike Church Show World HQ

We’d like to share this story with our audience of Matthew Augustine and his niece and their experience watching The Road to Independence. This is what happens when you create a work that makes people think for themselves, pushes them beyond the normal Hollywood shoot-em-up fare. A young girl’s life may be changed, just because she sat down, without the iPhone distractions, for about 90 minutes and actually paid attention to some REAL American history.

road-to-independence-BH-RTIDE2-detail“Mike, went on vacation with the in-laws. They live just outside D.C. (in the bubble) I brought along my copy of your DVD about the Declaration. I sat down in the den to watch it alone, and my 16 year old niece entered the room and took a seat. At first I kept an eye on her reactions to the production aspects, as she is very involved in theatre. I heard her giggle a bit at the movements of the characters on the screen and I sort of laughed too, at their awkwardness. Slowly as the story unfolded I noticed more of a surprised look on her face… like she was hearing something for the first time… I could tell she was frustrated… so I yawned and paused the movie, she looked at me quizzically. I asked if she liked the movie. She studdered and stammered as if she had both answers AND questions ready at the same time. She finally came out with a single comment. She was amazed that she had never heard the whole story before. She wanted to see the rest of it… Mike, what you do is more important than what you say. I could go on and on about how right you are about where we are headed…and how we got here. I know what you do is expensive. I am sure you are doing as much as you can, with everything you have. You can be proud of your people and your family. Please don’t give up. I bought a 2nd copy of the 2 CDs I have, and I am sending them to my niece this week (along with some fresh honey from my beehives). I look forward to hearing from her. NOW… as for you people who say things are financially tough and how you are part of the choir, well I am no different. I ask you to dig a little deeper and help a little more to spread the truth of our history. One month of coffee. Your On Demand cable bill. A fast food meal for 4 people. Our founders gave EVERYTHING. How we call ourselves descendants of these people is sometimes beyond me. The VERY LEAST we can do is TELL THE TRUE STORY…Mike and his people are doing thier part. We have to do ours. The look on my nieces’ face told me I HAD to support Mikes’ work… as much as we can with everything we have.” – Matthew Augustine

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