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Romney Budget Isn’t Bold… It’s Immoral

Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Audio & Transcript – Mitt wants the youth of America to vote for him because he believes he can  fix the debt and fix college education.  The problem with his budget for doing this is that he’s talking to Paul Ryan, whose budget doesn’t balance for THIRTY years, there’s no telling where we’ll be at that point. He needs to be talking to Rand Paul, whose budget balances in FIVE. The critics will say he can’t get elected by talking to Rand, but Rand got elected… Go Big and Go Bold Mitt, talk to someone with a REAL plan…


Begin Mike Church Show Transcript

Mike:  I’d like to hear digital media file #3C, “Why Young People Should Vote for Mitt Romney.”

AG:  Got it ready.

Mike:  No trumpet fanfare.  Let’s just roll it.

(audio clip)

Romney:  Young voters in this country have to vote for me if they’re really thinking about what’s in the best interest of the country and what’s in their personal best interest.  The president’s policies have led to extraordinary statistics.  When you look at 50 percent of the kids coming out of college today can’t find a job or can’t find a job which is consistent with their skills, how in the world can you be supporting a president that’s led to that kind of economy.  Then the debt that’s been amassed, that they’re going to have to pay off all their lives, we’re fighting to make sure that we can reduce the deficits and eliminate this debt overhang, yet the president continues to amass these huge deficits.  I think young people will understand that ours is the party of opportunity and jobs.  If they want to have a president that can create good jobs and allow them to find a bright and prosperous future for themselves and for their families, then I hope they’re going to vote for me.  I think we’re going to take that message to young people across the country.”

(end audio clip)

Mike:  Ladies and gentlemen, I know I’m supposed to put the positive spin on this.  Obama is awful.  President Obama is as awful a ruler as Nero, as awful as any ten-horned tyrant has been.  For that, he shall be punished by the American electorate of those that actually care about these sorts of things.  I have to tell you, at the end of the day, I only have my honesty and my integrity that I can bring here and mortgage on a daily basis to this audience.  If I lose it, I don’t have either of the two and I really have lost my title of gentleman, which I believe gentlemen should be honest and sincere.

Those of you that say, [mocking] “I’m gonna go anyone but Obama and I’m gonna take Romney.”  Fine.  You better commit to yourself right now that Governor Romney is well aware of, knows how you feel about it, not only does he know about it, but the rest of the Republicans currently in office, in Congress know about it, that you’re not going to accept Paul Ryan’s little “We’ll balance it out in 30 years, little boys and little girls.  Don’t worry.  Your taxes will stay pretty much the same, but in 30 years, we’re going to get around to balancing this thing, and we’ll stop piling new debt on top of your head.”  You mean you’ll stop piling new debt on top of my grandkids’ heads.  That’s how far off in the future this is.  That’s how ridiculous that is.  That’s fiscal responsibility?

Those of you who have committed to this ABO, anyone but Obama, please, we beg of you, those of you that say the race isn’t over yet and the fight ain’t over yet, tell him to go big and go bold.  Seriously.  Rand Paul has a plan in the United States Senate that brings the budget into balance in five years.  It’s already there in a legislative body.  Tell Governor Romney to be looking at that.

You want to go bold, Governor Romney?  You want to take the debt off of those kids’ heads?  Well, you better start talking to Rand Paul and stop talking to Paul Ryan.  [mocking] “But Mike, he can’t get elected if he talks to Rand.”  Why not?  Rand got elected.  And speaking to those youths, there’s no one out there that has more youth support than Ron Paul.  Ron Paul says cut $1.2 trillion this year.  That’s what those kids want to hear.  They want to hear no more debt, not 30 years from now, tomorrow, no more debt.

It is immoral and it is fiscally irresponsible, in my humble opinion, to promote anything short of that.  I’m sorry, it is.  I’m glad to hear the rhetoric.  I’d much rather hear honesty and sincerity about the state of affairs and that it is going to take unbelievable, or I should say at this point and time unprecedented action.  The action currently on the table is not unprecedented.  It’s lame.  You even heard that from Michael Walsh on our interview earlier today.  Go bold.  Go big.  That’s the only thing that stops this juggernaut.  Anything else just prolongs the inevitable.

All of you encouraging me on the Twitter feed to shut up and pick the Romney side and stop being so silly, I just gave you a question and a task.  You have given me one; I have reciprocated.

End Mike Church Show Transcript

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