The Mike Church Show World HQ
The Mike Church Show World HQ

Romney Draws an “I Fart In Your General Direction” Quip After AP Photo “Scandal”

Citing the Constitution’s Copyright & Patent clause the Roberts SCOTUS will hear a case that will do to garage sales what the Courts did to Limewire and Napster-SHUT THEM DOWN

Reversal of fortune: My favorite Federalist-Johnathan Vilm-is told to shut up and obey his NFL overlord, serve his suspension and be done with it

Order your "Secede or Die" T-shirts while supplies lastChanneling my econ guru David Simpson’s BYOB plan, ZeroHedge counsels investments in intrinsic worth items to survive the coming collapse

Romney: I will see your “Sesame Street/Big Bird is more evil than Wall St ad and raise you ending NPR’s funding too, I’m all in”

Their at the Pole…I mean POLL: Reviews of ALL the newest polls and trends shows Obama still leading Romney without Big Bird factored in

Brad Birzer at TIC: Want to save your country? Go back to church and follow Christ young man, follow Christ

Citizens of Libtardia throw Obama under the bus and begin the “I told you so” recriminations over the latest poll results, some friends! But like all parasites, they really only seek out healthy hosts to suckle from

Why is Columbia University so mortified over the teaching of a simple course in Austrian Economics!? Oh but they are…

Win one for the Grifter: Notre Dame lobbies Mordor for…wait for it… Increases in student aid and other subsidies

The geniuses without spellcheck at Yahoo News (read the story carefully) cannot BELIVE there is any unemployment statistic outside of the “beauty pageant” 7.8% fraudulent stat!

Hope: Maybe Romney, if elected will realize that bombing every country on earth and bullying those that remain is not practical and not “what American does” oh and my favorite DeceptiCON word-hubris-is NOT a policy either

AP Photo controversy: Romney draws laughter from some OUTRAGE from the perpetually outraged at Fox and a “I fart in your general direction” from those with a sense of humor

LAst Train to Brokesville: ObamaCare has ALREADY cost the U.S. 30k jobs and it is only 1/4 implemented

Former GE CEO Jack Welch finds out that the “truth industry” is VERY small and doesn’t pay very well if at all

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