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Romney: When Being Right Means Being Wrong

todayJune 25, 2012

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Larison: Romney’s lack of experience and team of the Usual Suspects on foreign policy make him a dangerous choice for the GOP

Reason Magazine: How to keep the Paulmentum going and what the risks are

The worst advocate for a sensible, traditional view of immigration, Marco Woodrow Wilson Rubio, holds court on the subject on MTP

Leftie author pens Obama book that demolishes half his “Memoirs” memories as either fabrications or exaggerations and then cannot figure out why Obama dicers like his book

Debate: Texans have to choose a Senator and can make a better than average selection in Ted Cruz or a DeceptiCON, Rick Perry clone in David Dewhurst (or just go to Daniel Miller’s Texas Nationalist website and do the right thing for scale)

FOB (Friend of Birzer) Richard Gamble publishes new book that challenges the Myth of The Shining City that is America

[This is the] story not of how the metaphor helped make America what it is today but the story of how America helped make the metaphor what it never was. – From Richard Gamble’s “Myth of The Shining City”

More Ron Paul Revolution news from OMSNBC, I keep wondering where the Romney Rebels of Rubio Riders will show up

SHREIK!!! What will happen to and how fast will we all perish from the earth when ObamaCare is struck down by the SCOTUS?

George Will: Reagan would not and did not support the “LOST” treaty and what has changed that would change ANYONE’S mind over the matter?

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Written by: TheKingDude

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