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Romney Wins Bumper Sticker Caucus

todayNovember 5, 2012 1

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    Romney Wins Bumper Sticker Caucus ClintStroman

Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Audio and Transcript – If the Subaru driving hippy is voting Romney, it’s over.  We’ve had 16 bumper sticker polls today, and they’ve all gone Mitt’s way.  I don’t even know why we’re bothering to vote on election day.  It seems like the Romney campaign has won, in a convincing fashion, the yard sign and bumper sticker poll. Check out the rest in today’s audio and transcript…

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    Romney Wins Bumper Sticker Caucus ClintStroman


Begin Mike Church Show Transcript

Caller Tim:  Let me tell you this: I saw a guy a couple days ago. He was driving a little Subaru, has a little ponytail, has Grateful Dead stuff all over the back of his bumper —

Mike:  And he had a Romney sticker.

Caller Tim:  And he had a Romney sticker.

Mike:  That’s it, dude.  It’s over.

Caller Tim:  If that guy votes Romney, it’s over.

Mike:  If the Subaru hippy is voting Romney, it’s over.  Tim, thank you very much for the bumper sticker poll, the 16th that we’ve had today.  I don’t even know why we’re bothering to vote on election day.  It seems like the Romney campaign has won, AG, in a convincing fashion, the yard sign and bumper sticker poll.

AG:  It’s something that the caller yesterday, in terms of the enthusiasm — granted, we’re on the Patriot Channel, so I wouldn’t expect to hear liberal enthusiasm, but if I flipped over to the left on Sirius XM, I wouldn’t expect to hear the type of call we heard yesterday or the type of calls we’ve heard today that reflect the kind of yard signs and bumper stickers.  I don’t think there’s any doubt.

Mike:  You know what I think we ought to do?  I think after this election, if Romney loses and Obama wins, I think we should have an Article V Amendment convention, and I think we should scrap the electoral college in favor of the yard sign college.  We should scrap the electoral college in favor of the bumper sticker college.  Whoever wins the bumper sticker college wins.  What if you’re a mass transiter?  Where do you put your Romney sticker?  Backpack.  Nobody carries a hard-shell briefcase around anymore.  I don’t know.  It’s worthy of consideration.  Sam is in Alabama next.  Sam, how are you?

Caller Sam:  I’m doing well, Mike, how are you?

Mike:  Far out, solid and right on, sir, thank you.

Caller Sam:  I’ve been listening long enough to know I don’t call you Michael, I call you Mike, right?

Mike:  Mike is just fine, thank you very much.

Caller Sam:  I’m from Alabama, so best of luck with LSU / Alabama #3.

Mike:  Hey, hey, you’re going to lose tomorrow.

Caller Sam:  Well, Mike, I hope you’re wrong.

Mike:  Wait a minute, Sam.  Hold on just a cotton pickin’ minute.  AG, crack your microphone for a second here.  Alabama / LSU tomorrow, LSU # 6, Alabama #3.  I have done a yard sign poll in Baton Rouge and LSU is kicking Alabama’s ass.  There is no way that Alabama can win.  The bumper stickers and yard signs in Baton Rouge say that LSU is going to win.  If LSU doesn’t win on Saturday night, that game is rigged.

AG:  Isn’t LSU 13-1 with Les Miles at home?

Mike:  That’s right.  All the yard signs and all the bumper stickers and t-shirts and polo shirts and baseball caps are LSU around here.  LSU is going to mall Alabama.  It’s going to be 65-3.  That’s using the yard signs and bumper stickers in Baton Rouge.  Sam, what did you really call about, you Crimson Tider, you?

Caller Sam:  You feeling better now, Mike, after you got that off your chest?

Mike:  I feel great.  I’m just smiling from ear to ear.  Life is good.  What’s up, Sam?

Caller Sam:  I’ve been in medicine since 1980.  Our great Lyndon Johnson gave us Medicare, which is not a bad idea.  What I wanted to call to remind everybody is you’re looking at an evolution of a change in the American way.  In ’65, Medicare.  In 1980, BRGs where they limited how they paid doctors.  The next step is ObamaCare.

Mike:  You forgot an evolutionary step in there: Richard M. Nixon, by executive order, creating HMO.

Caller Sam:  You’re right.  Let’s not forget George Bush, Jr., his attachment to healthcare costs coming out of Washington.

Mike:  Don’t forget Ronald Reagan signing ERISA.

Caller Sam:  I’m getting an education today, but you seem to agree with me.

Mike:  I do, I totally agree.  I don’t disagree with anyone on the destructive nature of ObamaCare.  What I’m trying to do is pave the way for, if Obama wins, what are we going to do?  You can sit around here and mope and cry and blame the pollsters or blame people like me.  You’re going to have to do something about it, Sam.  What are we going to do?

Caller Sam:  I think first of all we don’t give up.  We go out, vote, give our best effort.  The American way is always to figure out a way around another hurdle.  This will be a gigantic hurdle, but there’s always hope.  People like you, Mike, give encouragement in various ways.  We have to hold onto that.  The election is not over yet.  When it does happen, we’re going to have a set of hurdles whether Romney or Obama are in.  We have to stick with what has gotten us this far, and that is a fortitude to look at the problem and look at other options.  That’s all I’ve got to say.

End Mike Church Show Transcript

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