Ron Paul Supporters Are Told to Shut up & Vote For Romney Because “Nothing less than the Constitution is at stake here.”

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“But if you are truly dedicated to the Constitution you won’t let it be trampled in order to make some soon-to-be-moot point to the anonymous GOP party hacks responsible for not giving Ron Paul a primo speaking slot.

Priorities, people. Nothing less than the Constitution is at stake here.” – Kurt Schlichter, Breitbart’s Big Government

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This piece, written by Kurt Schlichter of Breitbart’s Big Government is more 40 years ago than today. The US Constitution as a plan of government, as ratified, is dead and that is a 151 year old headline. Hell, the FDR Constitution, which Congress at least had to pretend to find sanction in for its actions is dead.

Today’s Congress, regardless of which party controls it, cannot be trusted to be chastised by the 4th, 9th or 10th Amendments (or any part of the others unless it involves funding the abortion or surveillance Industries) . It cannot be trusted to abide by its own limits in coining money. It has taken the public trust of the power to borrow on the Credit of The U.S. and turned that into a generational debt sentence that exceeds the GNP of ALL the European Union.

“I was mad, and so I let the guy who hated the Constitution win.” I assume this means President Obama who qualifies as a Constitution hater?

Oh and then there’s this from Mr Schlicter “I was mad, and so I let the guy who hated the Constitution win.” I assume this means President Obama who qualifies as a Constitution hater? Does that make Romney/Ryan Constitution lovers in the Macbeth sense of the word? What part of: TARP, GM/Chrysler Bailout, Medicare Part D, No Child Left Behind, 3 authorizations of the Patriot Act, the NDAA, Parts of ObamaCare and the AUMF have to do with Constitutional grants of power? I will answer that, none, zero, zilch, nada.

It must be noted that President Obama has engaged in his impeachable governance/tyranny for 21 months with a Republican House of Representatives. The Constitution Mr Schlichter wants us to save actually provides that the most important branch of the General Government was the House as it was granted the power of the purse in Article I, Section VII. “All bills for raising Revenue shall originate in the House of representatives.” This gives the Boehner Congress, Ultimate power in federal governance; to the Senate Penultimate power. The President is third in line unless a power is conferred to him by enumeration, such as in War or as in his use of the veto power or executing the acts of Congress “…made in pursuance thereof” of Mr Shclichter’s Constitution, were it actually alive. Just because Presidents Bush, then Obama have abused this power does not excuse the dereliction of oath & duty the “constitution lovers” Mr. Schilchter pleads for our fealty to.

I find it amusing to witness the public shaming being heaped on the once scorned supporters of Ron Paul who were just so recently thought of as a “fringe element” and now seem to have risen to the rank of Praetorean in Campaign 2012. Some of them (and I) may wind up voting for Mitt Romney/Paul Ryan but it will NOT be to save a Constitution neither has shown any devotion or fidelity to. Instead it will be to live to fight another day and see their and their ilk’s defeat on another day.

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Written by: TheKingDude

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So our choice is Nero or Caligula? Wrong. My choice can be a third party or a write-in, and if that’s not available I can choose not to vote. I will never be bullied into voting for one of two poor choices.

Live free or die fighting for it

Just as I was a Tea Party member back before the Tea Party was “cool” and there were only a couple dozen people showing up in the town square, I was also supporting Ron Paul before he was “cool”. As a matter of Principle I cannot, in good faith, EVER under any circumstance vote for EITHER O’Romney or Maobama. I will never again vote for “the lesser of two evils” as that is still voting for evil. We, as a people, MUST stand up for ourselves because it is obvious that our politicians are not going to do it for us. I am swallowing my pride in this next statement. I am starting to think that it would actually be better to have Maobama re-elected for 4 more years than to elect a possible 8 year reign of someone who is just as unprincipled and anti-Constitution as O’Romney. They are both tyrants and dangerous to the American way of life. Even noting the dangers of a reckless lame duck with the possibility of the emergence of the next Thomas Jefferson juxtaposed to the dangers of an empirical neo-con/libtard hybrid for 8 years, I’d take the 4 years hands-down. I feel that to allow the GOP to force the people to vote for a tyrant would show a sign of weakness of the people. While ALL the right’s obtained by our forefather’s are worth dieing for, the right to vote one’s conscience is probably the most important & influential of them all. Because, as long as the polls remain untainted (this is debatable today), it is the only true way for the average citizen to affect change. When the people start holding their government accountable for their actions and violations of the oath of office, only then will the country re-establish it’s moral-compass and regain control of their government. There are many facets to this problem, however, all of which are equally important if we are the effect the end result. They range from the importance of Family & Tradition to education to a truly free press and beyond. Until then, those of us who recognize the problem must remain vigilant in our STRICT adherence to the U.S. Constitution by living our lives as best we can, free of government intervention and dependence. While today this is all but impossible, we as individuals are still able to make certain decisions for ourselves that help to not contribute to the problem. For instance, do not buy a house with FHA, save up the 20% and finance it the econ 101 way, or instead of drawing unemployment for the outrageous 2 years take the job at the local restaurant or dept. store, etc. To be conservative is to LIVE conservative.

No One but Ron Paul 2012!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

johhn millican

I think there will be civil war, probably sooner than later. My theory is if Obama wins, within four years. If Romney wins, it may be delayed to six or eight years, but internal division has become so intense that there will be a massive backlash by the people.

Wil Shrader Jr.

I don’t see it because we do not have enough true [r]epublicans in State governments to proceed with secession. They don’t even believe in the right to say no to the general government. That is the first step. Deny and defy, with proper authority. If that fails, declare independence. I see a more dire future where we are persecuted for our political views and objections. I am not sure whether it will be violent on the part of the tyrants or if we shall continue to be ‘nudged’ into compliance or revolt. The technology exists to coerce us without violence and if one dares be nudged to the point of violent resistance, the the public opinion has already been drafted to call us domestic terrorists and lunatics. This can’t be won by trying to fix the system, people must change. They must want to wake up and educate themselves. In any case, I believe we are too outnumbered and both of our views are depressing prospects.

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