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Ron Paul wins LA Caucus But Even Victories For The Good Dr. Are Savaged as “So What!”

Ron Paul’s win in the LA Caucus is reported by FoxNews, CNN, OMSNBC, Drudge? Nope, just relayed by those that voted in the LA Caucus and posted the official results: LA Caucus results, District 1

The good news doesn’t end with Louisiana Caucuses though, the Ron Paul campaign has made inroads into many state Rep Party power structures including Alaska

Gottfried: “Weak tea” is indeed what plagues the Te Party’s fortunes these days while the Leftist flash mob known as Occupy enjoys the same public approval but poses FAR more damaging a potential

FoxNews’ promoter of populist democracy (Frank Luntz) claims “conservatives” aren’t really very “conservative” anymore and really want Leviathan run by Mitt Romney not a SMALLER Leviathan

Baier: The Newtster will drop out Wednesday and endorse Governor Romney

Al Queda TNG is organizing and looking for U.S. targets

Steyn: Obama is the first in his family’s last 3 generations to NOT be a polygamist while a Romney hasn’t been a polygamist FOR 3 generations

Prog Rock and Brad Birzer make a dynamic duo of conservative thought!? Well, you just might have to hear Birzer’s lecture to decide

What’s $1.5 TRILLION Between tax-paying friends and the Pentagon!? New aircraft that isn’t really new, the F-35 STILL won’t fly after 20+ years of being a flying money-pit

Mish: The Obama Recovery is now flatlining while Europe is on life support, the recession has already begun but the numbers won’t confirm until AFTER the elections (shockuh!)

Social Insecurity is set to go bust a LOT sooner than anyone thinks and has lost $2 TRILLION in ‘worth” in just 3 years

More on the Ron Paul LA Caucus win and what it means

Red vs Blue, Yankees vs Red Sox begins: Obama campaign says Romney is a ninny who would not have had bin Laden killed, Romneybots respond that Romney would have called the mission with glee

WSJ warns you [r]epublican “liberals” to “Obey your federal overlords” and gleefully submit to the NDAA being implemented by your state troopers at traffic stops or else you’ll be bombed back to 1776

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