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Rubio is Conservatives Top Pick For Romney’s Running Mate!?

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Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Video and Audio – Check out today’s Post Show Show podcast free preview where Mike discusses the obsession that the Decepticons have with Rubio.  If you think Romney has a crazy foreign policy, well he gets it from guys like Rubio.  Check out the free preview for more on Romney/Rubio and if you have a Founder’s Pass you can listen to the entire show where Mike breaks down Rand Paul endorsing Romney.



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Who were the other contenders? Debbie Wassermann Schultz? Nancy Pelosi? No, wait, Barbara Lee???

Clay Bowler

No doubt!


what a joke! IF the average “conservative” (Ie. Hannity/Limbaugh listener) actually prefers Rubio, they do absolutely ZERO critical thinking for themselves. The establishment has been hyping Rubio since way before the tea party, when George W Bush/Rick Santorum conservatives were the most popular (I know, they’re still way to popular). Rubio came into Congress, and was the perfect, silent little GOP stooge- only speaking when told to speak. And he’s a CFR minion, that’s always a bad sign

Clay Bowler

Hey, it’s ABO. That’s what this election is about… Anyone but Obama. Who needs critical thinking when it is just this simple.

Who cares Romney supported forced mandates for Catholic Hospitals of Massachusetts to administer abortion pills. Romney supported gun control. Romney supported green energy initiatives (that failed). Romney pushed his own stimulus in Massachusetts that was supposed to create jobs and didn’t. Romney inspired Obamacare and its forced mandate.

But hey, he’s not Obama… Right?

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