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Safe Environment Train THIS – The Mike Church Show – 150818

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Mandeville, La



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Time  Red Pill Topics & Headlines
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* Late start due to the Crusade Channel Staff attending Mass today on this Feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary. *

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Special Guest Brian Kiczek aka the Rosary Doctor 

Follow Dr. Brian on Twitter : @DrBrianKiczek

  • Public prayer is amplified.
  • If someone has the mind to hurt children, they will find the position in which they could do so.
  • LIVE – Public Rosary on the 1st day of the 54 Novena for our Nation.


 Safe Environment Train This –

  • Institutional Corruption – this is the only explanation for the number of cases in this sex scandal.





Special Guest Brother Andre Marie host of ReConquest  @Brother_Andre

  • Discussion on the Pennsylvania Attorney General
  • Intensely angry when listening to the PA Attorney General yesterday.
  • The coverups was horrible.
  • They knew about the statute of limitations.
  • They worked the system.
  • The abuse of sacred items and the Priest that told those children “it’s okay because God wants this etc”
  • These men need to be beaten with fists.
  • This demands physical punishment.

HEADLINE:  Lessons to Learn from Clerical Scandals by Brother Andre Marie

“You have degraded your soul and degraded your office we are going to degrade you.” – Brother Andre Marie

  • This was done in public! Everyone knew this man was a Priest and has now been defrocked.
  • #FatherFondle #rigidCatholic
  • Some of the criminals of this were probably in the room when the PA Attorney General was speaking yesterday.
  • These are bureaucratic solutions and they never work.
  • They have handled their Priestly vocation far better than what we are seeing here. So let’s not cast stone too quick. SSPX
  • Beginning of the 2nd year you became a cleric.
  • NOW what the seminaries have become is basically just a college.
  • You were NEVER allowed into another persons cell. Not because it was a temptation but that is the only place for solace. It is the ONLY place we have a sense of privacy.
  • “I am so not a rigorism, but if you have NO rigidity in your life, and no standards to aspire to you are an antinomies. We have to have limits on ourselves.”
  • Excerpt from Heroism and Genius –

HEADLINE: JULY 10-1944 by Gary Potter

  • The definition of law has been cut in half.
  • Taking off an ordinance of reason, you end up with goose-stepping.
  • Do this because Father says…that kind of clericalism is not based in LAW.
  • You have to have a supernatural respect for the office of Priesthood.
  • Yes you should pity these men that have committed these crimes.
  • They should be punished publicly and by a jury of their peers.
  • He will not always be a Cardinal – the difference between the consecrated hands and the office.
  • Tonight’s ReConquest – Brendan Young special guest on youth conference NOT the Youth Conference or (Synod on the Youth) that is being held in Rome.

Special Guest Rick Barrett host of The Barrett Brief doing a rundown of what’s coming up next!

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