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Scotland – The Original Hick Hayseed Hotbed of Racism?

Scotland – The Original Hick Hayseed Hotbed of Racism?

2011 Mike Church

Hi folks its Mike Church with todays Church Doctrine.

Chris Matthews, a TV Talking head, has conducted several interviews with advocates of states rights and the 10th Amendment since the Tea Party fist made national news in 2009. In these interviews, Matthews hurls his spittle across the set accusing those who promote state sovereignty and opposition to the Federal Governments Empire like behavior as motivated by hatred and racism.

In one instance when the subject of the dreaded s word, secession came up Matthews harangued as if he were addressing an actual slave owner. Rachel Maddow recently went so far as to defame John C Calhoun in the same manner and again insisted that state sovereignty and secession were tools of racism and racism alone.

Well I wonder what Matthews and Madcow will have to say about the racist, hick-hayseeds that voted for their states Independence on Friday last. I am speaking of the state of Scotland here, which is now majority ruled by the SNP or Scottish National Party. The SNPs campaign was all about declaring Independence from the British Empire and getting Scotland back to self government but wait, there must be a racial motivation here, right!?

Is it possible that Scots, living 500 miles to the North of England may have been slopping on too much SPF 50 and determined that their southern neighbors were a shade too dark to be in league with them now? Hardly.

Scots, like free thinking people everywhere are tired of footing the bill for the worlds empires never ending wars and corrupt central banking scams. Heres a question for you: After ObamCare gets rammed down the 26 states that have sued to stop it, which will be the first state to demand Independence from THIS empire, with or without wearing a kilt.

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