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Secession Petition Signers are “Whiny Diaper Babies”… According to One Huffington Post Writer

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Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Video and AudioBob Cesca has an interesting article at the Huffington Post on the illegality of Secession, equating it to goblins and unicorns.  Well, we have some other writers and articles to challenge you with, specifically an article by Doug Bandow at the CATO Institute entitled “The Great Secession” and our friend Brion McClanahan’s (who will be on Founders TV tomorrow) article “Is Secession Legal” at the American Conservative.  The debate at the center of all of these articles is the legality of Secession, and we say resoundingly: YES! There is no doubt about it. Even though Bandow and McClanahan write in favor of Secession, even they still think that the American public is not yet ready for it, but here at Mike Church Studios, we believe that the American People have warmed to the idea and ARE ready for it.  For more on this and the rest of Founders TV and This Day in Founding Fathers History be sure and grab a Founders Pass if you don’t already have one.

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