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Secession Petitions For Dummies-No Presidential Seal is Required

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Mandeville, LA – If you have been following the story of the Secession Petitions being posted at the WHite House website you are familiar with the fact that many citizens are taking their campaigns for liberty directly to President Obama…or so they think. Listener and locallly elected, [r]epublican (school board in Liberty County, TX) Dwayne Stovall is having none of this effort, correctly noting that the right of secession does not need approval from Barack Obama or any President for that matter.


The petition makes a mockery of State sovereignty and independence. Have we already returned to sending “peaceful petitions” to our King, and begging for mercy from an elite few in a town far, far away? What of the Declaration of Independence, the US Constitution, or Article 1; section 1 of the Texas Constitution? True independence and liberty are about the will of the people. The citizens of an individual State do not need federal approval to withdraw from a compact to which every State has long since defaulted.

This is begging, nothing more, and I refuse to participate.

In liberty,

Dwayne B. Stovall

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Brian P

I agree that these petitions mean nothing… It’s a protest of sorts… Maybe trying the water to see if there are others who feel the same…

Then? Who knows, this contract was broken a long time ago and last time sovereign states excercised their sovereignty they were blown into the stone ages.
The aristocracy through the 19th Century following Reconstruction gave us Honey boo-boo today.

Point is best we can hope for is that someone takes notice….although the media is painting these individuals as sore losers… We have brought back the “S” word into the national vocabulary and not just at my house…

Ray Liontos

Another Joe the Plumber moment anyone? I am hoping that he is forced to respond by popular opinion. We all know how he gets when trying to do press conferences off the cuff as it were. I would expect something along the lines of ” I will not permit the soreness of a few to break up MY UNION.”

Rick A.

It’s been said that secession was settled during the civil war. I believe it wasn’t but not sure of the answer? If a state secedes from the U.S. does it have any obligation for paying the national debt, because that state has excepted federal funds in the past?

Tammy Blair

Can’t argue with that!! Now consider this…how many already know this and didn’t bother signing? Texas Nationalist Movement has had several million hits on the website since election night. Membership is up 400%. This is people joining together with people to put the issue to their State government.

I would like to add that this isn’t a matter of sour grapes over the election. This is people who finally see the writing on the wall…and choose liberty!

Harold S

If these petitions are not worth snot, what is the correct path to secede? Appeal to our state legislature? Rise up in protest in front of which big house (DC or governor)?


That’s the ticket! We need our “countries” (states) to hold a convention and do it. The federal government (u.s.) is like the European Union in red, white and blue attire!

bk Griffith

Beer Beer, Brother Stovall!

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