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Secession Picks Up Steam In Texas

(Audio) Mandeville, LA – It’s true folks, there are those out there who argue that theFederal Government must be kept, they argue against secession and forthe Federal Union. Then there’s Mike Church from Sirius/XM’s PatriotChannel who poses the question: "Where is this divinely written orinspired?" Which brings us to the word, ‘secession‘, a word not to be done away with nor to be run away from. Itis a reservation of power, a reservation and representation ofsovereignty, and there is nothing wrong with saying it or threateningit.

These mad men running Mordor on the Potomac have created thisConstitutional crisis we are in today. Fortunately, the society we livein is possessed of States who are beginning to realize theirsovereignty (with Texas in the lead) and if seceding is what needs tobe done to cut off the many frivolous heads of the Hydra, then so be it!

Related Materials: For some additional information on the art of seceding, or if you’re one of those folk who argue against secession and for the Federal Union, then give this a gander from the archives of The Mike Church Show on Sirius/XM Patriot:

 Our Cup of Secession Runneth Over  Secession Could Be Our Solution

2010 Mike Church Show


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