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Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript Our undeclared war, which is exactly that, we’ve been told there are no “boots on the ground,” meaning there aren’t any alleged soldiers that are in combat.  That’s not true.  You know it’s not true and I know it’s not true.  Now we’re being told by Senator Graham and others that boots on the ground are going to be necessary.  Check out today’s transcript for the rest….

Begin Mike Church Show Transcript

Mike:  This is Senator Lindsey Graham — remember, we’re not even in a war in Syria.  There has been no declared war, even though last week on this show and the week before I defined war as it was known at the time the Constitution was ratified and would still be known before Emerich Vattel’s Law of Nations book was the go-to guide for countries to have a common language they could use so there could be less disagreements.  There still were disagreements, but if you use Vattel’s Law of Nations, then you could define things like war, peace, and other things that would come up in the dialogue between countries.  This has been largely replaced now by edicts and acts from the United Nations and now we have international law.  We really didn’t have international law before.  It was not called international law.

In the Constitution, it is referred to as the law of nations.  It was an acknowledgement that there were certain things, in law anyways, that were transcendent.  I don’t mean transcendent in the spiritual form.  I mean transcendent as generational, hereditary.  These terms would be passed on from one generation to the next so that there could be an understanding of what it is that we’re all talking about.

Using Emerich’s definition of war, yes, we are at war in Syria and Iraq.  Since Syria did not invite us and has still not invited us, and it doesn’t matter who it is that you’re pursuing.  You’re not invited.  We have not been invited.  We have not been welcomed.  The legitimate sovereign government of that sovereign country has not extended an invitation.  Since that has not occurred, the activities that are taking place inside the borders of Syria do constitute a war.  You can make the argument that we are in a declared war in Syria.  It only takes one mistake or two before we are in a declared war in Syria against Syria.  I would say that right now we already are anyway, but the Syrian government has not declared one.

This is stemmed from and has originated with this effort that we have to engage in to rid the planet, as the president said, of ISIS.  Remember [mocking Obama] “We’re gonna destroy ISIS.  I’m not gonna sleep till we destroy ISIS.  I’m gonna destroy ISIS.”  As I said in the first hour and in the second hour and in many days gone by, how interesting that tens of billions if not hundreds of billions will be spent on ISIS.  We’ve got to make the world a beheading-free zone, unless we’re talking about American abortion clinics.  Well, then, beheadings in there, no problem.  Nothing to see here, citizen, move along.  We don’t want to deal with our own culture of death and our own obsession with it.  Instead, let’s show the world that we’re going to take a stand against macabre murders.  Uh, actually, no, we’re not.

Our undeclared war, which is exactly that, we’ve been told there are no “boots on the ground,” meaning there aren’t any alleged soldiers that are in combat.  That’s not true.  You know it’s not true and I know it’s not true.  Now we’re being told by Senator Graham and others that boots on the ground are going to be necessary.  Even though the Sicilian in Princess Bride warned about the three biggest mistakes in the history of the world and number one is never start a land war in Asia.  We’re about to start another land war in Asia.  Here’s Senator Graham laying the case out.  [mocking Graham] “We’re not gonna let ISIS come here and kill anyone in Lincoln, Nebraska.”  Here’s the digital media file:

[start audio clip]

Senator Lindsey Graham: There is no way that I can see how we fix the problem in Iraq and Syria without American ground troops. This mythical Arab Army that we’re trying to get up to go in on the ground will need a lot of American handholding. If it takes a year before we can go to Mosul, I can only imagine how strong ISIL will be. Mr. President, level with the American people. You need boots on the ground. These are human beings with hopes and dreams not just boots. I know what it’s like to run for president. I’m running for the Senate. I know what it takes to put an organization together, to put the money together. I’ve been with Senator McCain twice in this endeavor. I am nowhere near there. I am all in running for the Senate. In 2015, I’m want to work with Jack Reed to replace sequestration. I want to make sure that the Iranian nuclear deal is a good deal before it becomes law.

[end audio clip]

Mike:  Wait a minute, who asked him if he was going to run for president?  Oh, good grief.  Hungry?  Here I come.  I’ll give Graham this: at least he has the distinction of being honest.  At least he has the distinction of being honest.  [mocking Graham] “Come on, Mr. President, level with the American people.  We’re gonna have to have boots on the ground in order to stop this ISIS, in order to stop this threat.”  Ladies and gentlemen, again, this horror of horrors just continues.  Remember the United States Senate, whose job it is to declare that war, is trying to pass the buck and tell the president he needs to declare it.  Yet some of you have the unmitigated gall and insult to the intelligent use of the word conservative to call him, Graham, a conservative?  For Heaven’s sake, stop!  The man is publicly demanding that the president violate his oath of office, that he violate the separation of powers, the he execute and use the power that’s conferred on the very Senate inside of which Senator Graham holds a seat.  And you don’t have a problem with that?

All you people out there that are all out there on your Facebook feeds and your Twitter and you’re all over the rest of the talk radio mafia, just bludgeoning Obama, beating him all day long.  [mocking] “Obama’s gonna have to get tough.  Yeah, man, Obama need to get somebody out there with them ISIS.  He need to send them troops over there!”  He?  Who’s he?  He doesn’t have the power.  You shouldn’t want him to have the power.  Yet you fakes, you frauds that call yourselves conservatives, my heavens!  Examine your way.  You cannot carry this, a pocket Constitution, around in your back pocket and lecture other people about the beauty of it and [mocking] “We gotta get back to living under the Constitution.”  Not if you nitwits have your way we’re not.

You’re telling Obama that the Constitution and the declaration of war and all the powers that are conferred on the legislature, that they don’t matter.  That’s the latest avenue to bash Obama.  Good grief!  Do you people listen to yourselves?  Do you read what you write?  Oh, but if Obama tried to care for someone by confiscating some of your wealth and paying for their children’s healthcare, [mocking] “That’s a mortal sin!  The founding fathers would recoil in horror at that.”  Let me tell you something.  They would coil in horror at the conservative party in this country.  It is a joke, an embarrassment.  Disgraceful is what it is.  But at least Graham’s honest.  We’ll give him that, he’s honest, wrong, but honest.

End Mike Church Show Transcript

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