The Mike Church Show World HQ
The Mike Church Show World HQ

Sellout: NASCAR mails in the keys to the “sport”, makes deal with the devil/EPA for “green concessions”, as Tony Stewart glad-hands Obama

The Federalists Strike Back: Editorial pits Rand Paul vs Paul Ryan in Budget Wars

Jenkins: The FaceBook debacle is actually a good thing for the small investor

SC town has 20 foot long mysterious snake visit, Zoo says it is a “rat snake” but looks it like a python to an “Austin Stevens-Snakemaster” fan, Full slide show of the beast is here

Cooked Books on WaPo from page: If Mordor does not “spend” $310 BILLION next year, that does not “SUCK” it out of the economy and if it does that our current GDP is a fake number anyway because it includes Gubbmint redistribution 

Did anyone ever ask “taxpayers” if we wanted our earnings/wealth stolen from us by gubbmint so it could “granted” to scientists!?It’s just another entitlement dontchaknow, please consider this from today’s WaPo: “Too often, [Isaacs] argued, the conversation about R&D in Washington ends up stopping at that first phase: funding basic research aimed at letting scientists make their discoveries in peace.”

Misplaced Priorities: 279,000 blacks have been murdered since 1976 and 94% of the murderers were black yet “black leaders” thunder the fury of hell against one killing of a black by a white (Travon Martin)

VIDEO -Biden: Imagine where we’d e if the Tea Party would have let us spend all that borrowed money… wait … they DID lets us spend all that borrowed money

When confronted by an application form that has a box for “race” try checking “other” and writing in “mystic”

Jake Tapper to Jay Carney: Why would Romney be prone to run the USA like Bain Capital if the President wasn’t prepared to run the USA like a Community Organizer?

Incorporationistas: Imbeciles at Wired off shoot ArsTechnicas think Amendment 1 restrains NY State from attempts to censor speech IN New York!

TAC: Were we meant to die in our sleep or must we suffer old age, medicines, gadgets, non-stop procedures and recoveries and then wasting away in diapers while family watches? This piece is really, really hard to read and discuss, try anyway

The truth shall set your defense budget-at $1 TRILLION – free! That’s right, just as I have told you, it costs nearly 2/3 of every revenue dollar collected to JUST fund our war machine

Gee thanks for the global thermostat: Mordor on the Potomac has squandered over $70 BILLION to “stop global warming” since 2008!


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My answer when asked “race” is to check “other” and mark “human”. They hate that. The race classification is political only and needs to be outed in a big way. It’s used to divide rather than unite.

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