Senator Paul NEEDS To Stop Battleship US From Its Wicked, War-Making Ways

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Download or order the print edition of  this historical gem, Jackson's bio
Download or order the print edition of this historical gem, Jackson’s bio

Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript – “Another story in today’s Pile of Prep from Rich Lowry of National Review, I just want to hit on this quickly, “Rand Paul’s Foreign Policy: For the Situation Room or the Dorm Room?”  This is going to be the angle of attack against Senator Rand Paul.  This is going to be the angle of attack, that he’s going to get us all killed, and that Russia and China are going to conspire to take over the entire known universe, kind of like what we do now.  They’ll just take our place.  Check out today’s transcript for the rest…

Begin Mike Church Show Transcript

Mike:  Another story in today’s Pile of Prep from Rich Lowry of National Review, I just want to hit on this quickly, “Rand Paul’s Foreign Policy: For the Situation Room or the Dorm Room?”  This is going to be the angle of attack against Senator Rand Paul.  By the bye, Rich, it’s not Rand Paul, it’s Senator Rand Paul to you, you disrespectful little man, you.  I catch myself.  You may have noticed that I’ll say Rand Paul and I’ll go back and say, “I meant to say Senator Rand Paul.”  He has earned the title.  This is going to be the angle of attack, that he’s going to get us all killed, and that Russia and China are going to conspire to take over the entire known universe, kind of like what we do now.  They’ll just take our place.

And in taking our place, they will then threaten all of our existence and all of our health, wellbeing and safety.  They’ll start world wars.  Iran is going to get a nuke.  They’re going to nuke Tel Aviv.  Then they’re going to aim a nuke at San Diego and then another one at New York.  Of course, we’re helpless and hapless to do anything about this.  Of course, Vlad the Impaler, the great Russian Bear, is going to stand by while all this is going on, and this is all going to be Rand Paul’s fault because he won’t be an American exceptionalist and he won’t be a big, bad bully on the block…

[private FP-Monthly|FP-Yearly|FP-Yearly-WLK|FP-Yearly-So76]

or he’s not tipping his hand that he would be in preaching and living American exceptionalism.  Then Lowry has the audacity to say, [mocking] “Senator Paul has actually questioned Dick Cheney’s motives in the Iraq War.”  Here, I’ll read you what little Rich Lowry wrote.


Asked about the Halliburton charge on ABC’s This Week with George Stephanopoulos, Paul softened his accusation by saying he wasn’t questioning Cheney’s motives, but he didn’t recant. In his dark suspicions about Cheney, Paul is effectively to the left of most mainstream Democrats, who may disagree with and even hate the former vice president but don’t think he supported a major war as a favor to his erstwhile company. Paul’s belief that the Iraq War may have been about padding a corporate bottom line echoes charges of “war profiteering” that have been a staple of the Left.

[end reading]

Mike:  Let me inform you of something, Mr. Lowry, war is a business.  A guy named Chesty Puller knew this back in the 1940s.  War is a scam.  The poor are used and abused in the exercise of it.  If you can’t admit that, number one, the Iraqi invasion was a horrific and disastrous action instigated and then promulgated by the United States federal government, heaven help you, sir.  And if you also cannot fathom the idea that there weren’t members of Congress who went along with this fully knowing that all the armaments and all the supplies that were needed were going to have to be supplied by whom — yeah, Halliburton was one of them but they weren’t he only one.

If we look to today, Rich, we can find another story that will bear out this point.  I’ll read you the headline.  This is from the Washington Free Beacon, “Administration Urged to Lift Restrictions on Non-Lethal Military Aid to Ukraine – Body armor, night vision gear, radios, and fuel urgently sought by Ukrainian military.”  Now, do the Ukrainians want to buy this stuff or do they want us to just loan it to them?  Do they want us to just, oh, I don’t know, give them a billion dollars in foreign aid so that they can buy it from us?  And if they do buy it from “us,” who’s the us?  Weapons manufacturers.  Who’s the us?  Fuel suppliers.  Who’s the us?  Radio manufacturers.  The list goes on.  They’re non-profits, right?  They  just do that for fun.  It’s a new thing called war charity, right?  Sure they do.  They do it for profit.  Congress is going to assist in this, just like we do with every other meddling action that we engage in in supplying armaments to all of these people, like Senator McCain wants to arm Al-Qaeda now in Syria.  It’s like arming the Libyan rebels, our buddies.  It’s like arming the rebels in the Kosovo, Bosnia-Herzegovina war back in the ‘90s with Clinton.  At every stage of this, someone is making those things.  And yes, that policy, at the very least, is an industrial jobs policy.  Why don’t you just admit it, Rich?

This is what the decepticons, the fraud that calls himself a conservative, cannot admit.  Because to admit that then is to tip the hand that American supremacy and American exceptionalism is nothing more than something that has been fabricated in order to continue the never-ending war.  Why don’t we hear the word peace more?  In “exerting American power,” what are you saying?  There’s no other legitimate form of government or enterprise on earth unless we agree with it?  Really?  Have you seen the Earth from space?  Have you seen the United States on the Earth from space?  We ain’t all that.  Who in the hell do we think we are?  Who in the hell do men like Rich Lowry think they are?  What gives us the right to tell people in Ukraine or Crimea or Scotland or Caledonia or in Verona, Italy how to govern themselves?  Who appointed us masters of the universe?  Talk about arrogance.

Throughout all of Christianity, men are counseled by saint after saint after saint after saint, by appearance of our Blessed Mother, by appearance of Jesus himself, using what word?  Humble.  Be humble.  That doesn’t mean be pacifist and get yourself killed by an invading army.  It means be humble.  So if you’re looking for evidence that war is indeed a big business, why don’t we look into stocks and holdings of the people that manufacture all those arms and armaments that our vainglorious armed forces use, or loan to be used throughout the rest of the known universe?  There’s a reason why the defense industry and the “defense” part of the budget exceeds $1 trillion.  The real casualties are those honest, patriotic young men that go off and sign up to be the fall guys in these endeavors, who tragically are either killed or maimed, who leave widows and children behind for undeclared wars in places around the world that most people can’t find on a globe, if anyone even has a globe anymore.  But Senator Rand Paul is dangerous because he doesn’t think we should continue to do that.

I’d like to ask guys like Rich Lowry a question.  When the CIA releases a report and says that this thing called blowback exists — it is real.  We can document it.  We have interrogated individuals that have informed us so that we actually have an historical record to support it.  What are we supposed to do about that?  When we find out that members of our armed forces steered drones, flew them over the sovereign country and sovereign airspace of this country called Yemen — which last time I checked we are not at war with, have no declared war, have no letters of mark and reprisal in place for — when we find out that members of our armed forces steered deadly drones over the airspace of Yemen and dropped bombs on a wedding party and killed women and children, the American people’s reaction out to be revulsion.  It ought to be: Not under my name you’re doing that.  But instead what is it?  [mocking] “Well, they shouldn’t have been there.  They were in the wrong place.  If you live near terrorists, that’s what you get, buddy.”  Really?  Transfer Yemen.  Make it Iowa, same situation.  Chinese did it.  How do you feel about that?  That’s right, Uncle Bobo is lying on the side of the road in pieces now.  [mocking] “Well, he shouldn’t have been near the capitalists.”  This is sick, sick.

The human toll that is exacted in all of these actions, we just seem to be oblivious to it.  We’re all pro-life, but not those brown people’s lives.  They don’t deserve to live.  We’re Americans.  We can determine that.  Really?  God came back down to Earth and appointed you the determiner of who gets to live and die in foreign countries that we’re not at war with, really?  Some of these things, ladies and gentlemen, don’t need explanations beyond good, bad, evil, holy.  Some of the stuff that’s being perpetrated in our name, mark my words, as Heavenly Father as our witness, we will be rued as roman butchers in history books for some of the things that our government has done under the guise of doing it under the protection of the United States Constitution.  How do you feel about that?  [mocking] “Every nation makes a mistake.”  You don’t have to keep making them.  Yeah, you can make a mistake, sure.  Is it really a mistake? [/private]

Times_That_Try_Mens_Souls_3_quarter_viewI don’t know why I always find myself in being on the losing end of these screaming matches over this.  I’d rather just not have the debate.  If you think it’s okay to do that, you know what?  I’m just going to pray for you, sir or madam.  You go right ahead.  I have exhausted the energy needed to sustain the debate sometimes.  This is just ridiculous.  Saying that non-interventionism is something that ought to happen in a dorm room, Rich Lowry, really?  Would that be in the dorm room of Jefferson?  Would that be in the dorm room of Washington?  Would that be in the dorm room of Monroe or John Quincy Adams?  Would that be in the dorm room of Grover Cleveland, the last great Jeffersonian who refused to allow the imperial, radical Republican congress to wage a war against the people of the Philippines?  [mocking] “Yeah, but Mike, Cleveland was a Democrat.”  Oh, well, that changes everything.  Right, sure it does.

I think it’s rather refreshing that Senator Paul counsels prudence and humility.  If you’re really listening, Rich, he actually says things that I don’t really agree with sometimes, but I’ll take the greater of what I believe is his honesty and sincerity in being a non-interventionist and in seeking the guidance and counsel of the great men of our founding when it comes to how to conduct foreign policy to the benefit of the actual people that live and work in the United States, not their buddies that are well connected and manufacture the things needed to continue the mayhem, the destruction, the bombing and the killing, the spying on every living known soul in the universe, around the world that our government engages in.  So Paul ought to be lauded for his courage and his bravery under fire, not castigated.  But that’s ’just me.

End Mike Church Show Transcript

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