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Senator Sasse – James Madison & Charlie Hebdo Will Take ISIS Down!

Senator Ben Sasse: “We’re Charlie Hebdo Now” 

Senator Ben Sasse: “We’re Charlie Hebdo Now” Mandeville, LA – WATCH THIS VIDEO and then, after your done hand painting your SASSE – 2020 buttons and are ready to proclaim the second coming of George Washington, ponder the “truth” (lower case intended) Sasse says we must unite over to stand against the Mohammedan horde: The 1st Amendment and our “Freedoms”, which I take to mean Sodomists “marrying”; half of all single women becoming mothers, similar proportions of single “fathers” becoming licentious deadbeats; abortion and euthanasia on-demand while millions perish as a result; public slander a social media cause celebre etc. Like most historically ignorant people today, Sasse seems to be of the view that Islam just discovered the Jihad, Sharia Law and Dhimmitude! Oh and the best part is Sasse’s foolish equivocation that Islam is as legitimate a “religion” as Christianity is and deserves our respect and protection.

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