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Sex in the City, in; Weiners, Out

todayJune 9, 2011 6

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    Sex in the City, in; Weiners, Out TheKingDude

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    Sex in the City, in; Weiners, Out TheKingDude


Sex in the City, in; Weiners, Out

2011 Mike Church

Hi folks its Mike Church with todays Church Doctrine.

The last few days we have seen increases in the number of Democrats seemingly outraged over the Twitter behavior of Congressman Anthony Weiner. Weve also seen some of Libtardias female citizens express similar outrage. Why the actions of Congressman Weiner are inappropriate and unacceptable, they thunder. I reply now just hold on a minute their sweet cheeks, when you put The Hangover PT 1 & 2 into your culture, you get Weiners out. When you put acceptanceno check that, PROMOTION of the Clinton-Lewinsky scandal into your culture, you get Weiners out. When you put 50 years of non-stop emasculation of men so they can be equal in every form IN, you get Weiners out.

Here let me explain in more detail by restating what Weiner said himself These were consensual exchanges he was having so in other words, you squares need to lighten up man______, and just accept the beauty of Twitter sex as just another rung in the sexual revolutions ladder. As a matter of fact, I keep wondering why Weiner keeps being such a downer man____ and apologizing to his wife! After all, she was totally hip to Weiner Twitters before they got married man_____, its only you Squares that dont wanna be part of all the groovy fun.

The women who were portrayed on Sex In The City did far worse than what Weiner did and became universally loved and very wealthy so why should the Congressman resign, when he is only living like a real world version of Carrie Bradshaw with different plumbing and after all, isnt that what feminists have always dreamed of? ABSOLUTE equality? So, you put Sex In The City IN and you get Weiners OUT. Happy now, ladies?

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Written by: TheKingDude

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