Sexy Time with FLOTUS & Beyonce, aka the Cultural Decline of America

todayJuly 28, 2011 2

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[mp3t track=’29042011_Transcript2_Beyonce_FLOTUS_culutural_decline.mp3′]michelle_obama_lets_move_campaign

NEW ORLEANS, La.– Michelle Obama would like you to grab your sons and/or daughters, throw them into some hot pants and have them gyrate their hips in a sexually suggestive motion, all in the name of exercise. Apparently , merely playing recreational sports, walking, jogging, running, or otherwise not allowing your child to sit in front of a television playing XBOX 360 has been relegated to secondary status when the federal government opts to sexualize exercise.

This my friends hardly qualifies as promoting the general welfare unless of course you are the federal government who simply cannot wait to indenture the next generation as welfare recipients with six bastard children. Perhaps then, they can race to get the government check out of the mailbox at the first of the month.

Oh that’s right the government gave all the leeches “Debit” cards so the they would not have to feel the shame of food stamps, gosh what a thoughtful benevolent federal government. Steals from the working class, yet has the compassion to not bring shame to those who benefit from the theft – WOW.

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