Should Stupid People Be Allowed To Vote?

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Should We Allow Imbecile To Vote? Answer, NO


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Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript“To the end, Steven Masty writing at The Imaginative Conservative website today helps me along with this.  I guess it is satire but I laughed as I cried along with Mr. Masty.  Here’s the headline:  “Should We Stop Dumb People from Voting?”  Of course, this is the title in today’s Pile of Prep at”  Check out today’s transcript for the rest…..

Begin Mike Church Show Transcript

Mike:  To that end, Steven Masty writing at The Imaginative Conservative website today helps me along with this.  I guess it is satire but I laughed as I cried along with Mr. Masty.  Here’s the headline: “Should We Stop Dumb People from Voting?”  Of course, this is the title in today’s Pile of Prep at  I hope you read it today.  I answer the question: Yeah!  Not maybe but yeah, of course we should.  When do I start?  Masty writes, partially in jest:


It is not every column that solves all of America’s problems, much less says how in a single piece of popular legislation, but the back-story comes first. As the headline already revealed, it shows how to “restrict the franchise”—a lawyerly, two-thousand bucks an hour phrase for limiting who can vote. Believe me, everyone will love it; even the disenfranchised.

[end reading]

Mike:  It’s a really entertaining little read here.  I think I’ll get back into it a little bit more at the top of next hour because I’m going to run out of time here.  Here’s a tease.


What does God think? Dame Science, less wise than her elder sister, Mother Nature, tried to figure out God, got stumped and so, rather petulantly if you ask me, says that He does not exist. This resembles me insisting that Domino’s Pizza does not exist if nobody answers the phone. God may be taking pepperoni out of the freezer.

[end reading]

Mike:  You see that logical bit of minor logic there?

[private FP-Monthly|FP-Yearly|FP-Yearly-WLK|FP-Yearly-So76]

Those of you that are taking philosophia perennis will recognize that immediately.  If I call Domino’s Pizza and they don’t answer the phone, does Domino’s Pizza exist?  You know the answer, of course.


God designed self-limiting systems. Yeast turns sugar into alcohol, [Mike: By the bye, a side note from me, thank heavens that it does, and thank heavens for St. Benedict for discovering one of the ways to utilize that process.] but eventually the alcohol kills the yeast and fermentation stops. [Mike: You see how that works? Of course, that all happened by accident, by the bye. That came out of chaos and atrophy. Sure it did.] This is why wine may be turned into the Blood of Christ but not into Everclear; where widespread drunken brawling would give an unwelcome liturgical meaning to the term “Critical Mass.”

Self-limiting systems include eutrophic ponds, eventually filled solid with the corpses of algae that over-proliferated there as water grew warmer and the pond shallower. They include suns and empires that expand until they collapse in on themselves. Near the end the former become Red Dwarves, and the latter too if you look at the West’s leaders.

Does Democracy have its own self-imposed limitations? It always has, apart from its recent spread and self-aggrandising predictions. republican_Matrix_tshirtFrom Greek Democracy half a millennium before Christ, until its glorious rebirth under Syriza leftists and Neo-Nazis, staggered a fairly long interregnum of brutal generals, Turkish administrators and people whose name started with “King.” Adriatic city-states, such as Venice and Florence, were famous democracies before they traded it in to become Italians; a democracy only in the sense that pizza is food. Democracies may have a natural life cycle that includes death just like everything else; which may be as God designed.

A 1998 survey showed that “more American teenagers can name three of the Three Stooges than can name the three branches of government (59% to 41%), know the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air than know the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court (94.7% to 2.2%), know which city has the zip code “90210” than the city in which the US Constitution was written…” But perhaps all is still well. Maybe teenagers are getting smarter. [Mike: They’re not.] Maybe they will vote for their betters. [Mike: They won’t.] Maybe they will be too stoned to go to the polls. [Mike: Let’s hope.] Maybe crowds are really smart if they are devoid of American teens. [Mike: No.]

Brushing aside the bickering scholars and piles of argumentation, one seeks like Alexander to cut the Gordian Knot and be done with it. So all we need do is watch YouTube. There we see Humanity in its State of Nature and its heartfelt ideal; and they are mostly morons. The vast majority is as opinionated as uninformed . . .

[end reading]

Mike:  That’s because, Mr. Masty, we have traded opinion for certitude.  And we have traded opinion for certitude because we have mostly, by and large, to a man and woman, rejected truth.  We have rejected reality.  What is truth?  Conformity of mind to reality.  Most ‘Mericans would rather live in the alternate reality that $220 trillion in the hole is no big deal, that $18 trillion on the cash Uncle Sam credit card is no big deal.  Nothing to see here, citizen, move along.  American Ninja is on.  Dance Mom is on tonight.  It’s Tuesday.  Let’s pursue some more material acquisition, shall we?  Yes, I don’t have nearly enough.  I probably have 500,000 pounds of stuff. Not enough.  Back to Mr. Masty:


. . . Granted these are self-selecting idiots; for those who are stupid, but whom suspect as much or are cowed by their spouses, shut up and post no videos of themselves—but they may well be no wiser. After all they married the self-broadcasting nose-pickers. [Mike: I just love the satire here. I’m going to skip ahead just a bit.]

My proposed Omnibus Reform Act of 2016 starts by pandering to the crowd; putting minority shoe-shine girls on the banknotes, ensuring double pay for half work, making trade union membership compulsory even for clergy, a job-making and wealth-creating new war every month mandated by statute, and subsidising at least ten free “goes” at plastic surgery not including weekly gender swaps (if ObamaCare does not offer it already). At least twenty more goo-goo “hot button” issues must be included so feel free to add your favourites. Once we disenfranchise half of the electorate we vote it all out again.

The Act’s page 3,478 or 3,479 proposes a teeny constitutional amendment restricting the franchise (a strategy taken from the ObamaCare playbook). When it gets noticed, as it will, our prepared multi-media campaign begins. Franchise, we declare, means the Wal-Marts and Sam’s Clubs abusing their employees; MacDonalds and KFC poisoning our children; franchised car dealerships whose suppliers betray American factory workers; franchised gas station . . . riots, we hire throngs of the unwashed to march for the cameras and chant slogans. [Mike: This is basically a rundown of mostly what is wrong with modernity today.]

. . . Finally, as both Houses vote the new amendment into the Constitution, someone will use a Ouija board to contact Tom Brokaw, who will link this “historic moment” to “The Greatest Generation” on the beach at Iwo Jima, as millions of Americans celebrate madly; either overdoing the gin-and-tonics or torching parked cars depending on the neighbourhood. The next morning, as the National Guard patrols the streets, a taped announcement explains what really just happened.

Yes it will prove difficult at first. But then some celebrity chanteuse will up the ante and reveal an intimate body part that is neither bosom nor backside, and everyone will need to talk about it. A sports team expected


to lose will defeat one expected to win, and everyone will need to talk about that too. Then Sam’s Club will offer a fifteen per cent discount for buying a second three-hundred pound tub of frozen tacos made in Korea by Philippine slave labour, and crowds will battle to squeeze through the doors. In other words, nature will take her course.

Elections, already a spectator sport for half of Americans, will become the same for another twenty-five per cent; providing yet another pleasant diversion competing with game shows, soap operas, jello-wrestling and footage from wherever America invades that month.

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The country, begun as the triumph of the Age of Reason, [Mike: If this is the triumph of the Age of Reason, what does that say about the Age of Reason?] will become the aristocracy that her Founders loathed, [Mike: No, Mr. Masty, it already is the aristocracy her Founders loathed. The problem is the aristocrats are pagans.] which she has halfway become already by simple Materialism and inertia. Then, as now and as always, various elites will scheme and connive for power. With heroic effort they will dependably play musical chairs or wait for the next available seat. Then as ever, nothing much will happen of any consequence; as the Bush family squats in the middle, insisting on their hereditary “right” to lead.

[end reading]

Mike:  “Should We Stop Dumb People from Voting?” by Stephen Masty at The Imaginative Conservative website, posted in today’s Pile of Prep.  I especially like the “The country, begun as the triumph of the Age of Reason, will become the aristocracy that her Founders loathed.”  Why did they loathe the aristocracy?  Few people ever ponder that.  What was it that was so troubling and bad about the said aristocracy?  Well, it was, as Thomas Paine put it, too many of the aristocrats relied still too much on . . . look up, you know who.  You’re not going to tell us how we’re going to live our lives, buddy.  There’s freedom and liberty out there for us to grab.  Thus began the end, the rejection of the divine authority.

End Mike Church Show Transcript

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