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Sign Of The Times: We Want Plans Not License Plates

Sign Of The Times: We Want Plans Not License Plates

2011 Mike Church

Hey folks, its Mike Church with today’s Church Doctrine.

Watching a recent edition of Fox News Special Report with Brett Baier a journalist from Florida was asked what Floridians wanted and needed the GOP candidates for President to say in order to earn Floridians vote. Why, they must tell us in clear terms what their plan is for fixing this economy. I suppose I should be thankful for the brevity of what has become a perfunctory exercise these days: listening to politicians drone on over how they would fix the economy. It is amazing to me that no one seems to have considered that 80 years of politicians answering and then acting on this question is what has brought us to this precipice of economic doom.

From FDRs New Deal to Nixons HMOs and from Carters stagflation to Bushs ownership society, social tinkering masquerading as economic planning has been the order of the day. From State controlled interest and exchange rates to local confiscation of property to be developed for public good, the central planners have had their way with us and our prosperity. Would it not be refreshing to hear, just once, that politicians should start removing and repealing the planning and regulating they have heaped on the economy?

Imagine the immediate boost of confidence and hiring the repeal of the federal minimum wage would bring about! We may actually see gas station attendants washing our windows, checking our oil and inflating our tires. The last time tire inflation came up it was during the 2008 campaign when Dear Leader Chairman MaObama said his new energy policy would be purchasing and handing out tire gauges. Imagine if our energy policy was actually not a policy but a set of laws that protected private property leases and energy production patents!?

I once joked on air that I would move to the first state that billed itself as the free-market state. Florida is at bat this week as it hosts a GOP-Presidential debate. Will Floridians ask questions about the candidates plans or ask them which one will free Florida to act like they deserve, The Free Market State license plate?

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