Silver Circle – New Movie About The Future Federal Reserve And Its Inflationary Consequences

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Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript – I want to go to the Dude Maker Hotline.  I want you to say hello to another good friend, Pasha Roberts, who is the writer, producer, director of the great animated film which is now appearing on DVD and in other great places called Silver Circle.  Check out today’s transcript for the rest…


Begin Mike Church Show Transcript

Mike:  I want to go to the Dude Maker Hotline.  I want you to say hello to another good friend, Pasha Roberts, who is the writer, producer, director of the great animated film which is now appearing on DVD and in other great places called Silver Circle.  First of all, Pasha needs to have his head examined as I need to have my head examined.  What in the hell are we doing making animated films as independent studios, Pasha?


Pasha Roberts:  I’m wondering that right now.  It’s great to be here.  It’s a great way to tell a story and a great way to actually stand way outside of the choir.  The real question is: Why the heck am I making a movie as the Federal Reserve as the bad guy?  Who does that?

Mike:  You did.  You made a movie with the Federal Reserve as the bad guy.  I actually saw the movie at ComicCon here in New Orleans in December.  You were there; you know this.  I thought, first of all, it’s a great story.  Second of all, it does make, like all great works of art do, it does make a point that the viewer will consider long after they have sampled the material, which I think is the hallmark of good entertainment or of good fiction.  You keep thinking about it: Wait a minute, what if?  What’s the story?  What’s the plotline behind Silver Circle?

america-secede-or-die-t-shirtPasha:  Basically we just take what’s going on now and push it forward a little bit to 2019.  It’s a fictional story.  There’s been a dollar crash.  Heavy inflation has finally started, so we have prices 20 times what they are now, which is mild by hyperinflation standards.  It’s still shocking to see beer for $110.  We try to personalize what really happens in that case.  There’s this thing called the strategic officers where these guys are taking over houses in order to control housing prices.  There’s a group of rebels who don’t like that, who are fighting back against that.  The same group of rebels make their own money out of silver.  That’s the main way they fight back against the Fed.  They have this competing currency.  It’s a cat-and-mouse game.  It’s a thriller romance, the lead investigator and a cute rebel start getting interested in each other partway through the story.  There’s a lot to the whole thing.  There are a lot of twists and turns and then the good guys win.

Mike:  We hope they win because you leave the question open-ended by the end, don’t you?

Pasha:  Yeah.  It’s still a temporary, you don’t know what going to happen, but we have to leave it open for a sequel, which I already have kind of done.  It’s a really fun way to, if you’re inside the choir and know what the Federal Reserve is, it’s a fun way to get exposed to this kind of thing in a new way.  There are a ton of Easter eggs and inside jokes and all that kind of stuff in there.  I had a Nobel Prize Winning economist right in plain sight in the movie and nobody can find him yet….

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Mike:  No, no, I saw him.

Pasha:  That’s right.

Mike:  Not only did I see him, but I picked up on some of the other nuances of Silver Circle, out on DVD now.  One of them is they’re in this scene and they’re driving down the streets.  This is set in your neck of the woods, Andrew.  It’s set in Washington, DC.  As a matter of fact, the chase scene, you filmed the chase scene in DC, didn’t you?

Pasha:  Yeah, we filmed everything in DC and turned it into animation.  There’s a chase scene down Rock Creek Parkway, which is usually really bad traffic.  It’s this twisty, turny, forest road right in the middle of the city.  It’s a pretty cool road, actually, if you’re not going ten mile an hour.

Mike:  There’s a scene towards the end of the chase scene, after our hero has eluded the bad guys.  The car drives in front of a gas station, or maybe it’s where the reporterette is doing the news feed from the scene of where the hero got away.  In the background, there’s a sign for a gas station with the price of gas on it.  The sign is moving.  The numbers on the sign are moving.  They’re going up.  In other words, gas is becoming more expensive as she’s standing there, right?

Pasha:  Yeah.  I think gas changes to $152 at that point.  We studied a lot what happened in Argentina, what happened in Zimbabwe, what happened in all those modern cases of inflation when the currency dies.  This is an old story.  This kind of thing happens over and over again.  The current election cycle politics people, it’s not about gay rights or controlling guns or something, so people don’t know about it.  This is an old, old problem.  Your listeners know that.

Mike:  They know about the problem of paper currency and they know about the problem of not having a gold standard, about the devaluation of the money.  You also snuck in, there’s a great story from the Weimar Republic from when the hyperinflation days of the Weimar Republic, when the guy goes into the bar to buy a beer and instead of buying one he buys five.  He knows by the time he gets through his fifth beer it’s going to be more expensive.  In Silver Circle, you kind of snuck that in in the bar scene.  There is a lot of great stuff to see in there.  How long is the movie?  What’s the running time?

Pasha:  It’s a full, real movie.  It’s 92 minutes long.  It’s appropriate for people that don’t know anything about the Federal Reserve or anything like that.  Our intent is actually to make it a fun story with an interesting bad guy.  If they don’t know anything about all that, they can look it up later if they want.  It’s a good way to introduce it.  you’re not going to give somebody your Mike Church books first off the bat to introduce them to all the ideas, just because they’re not going to be friendly to it.  They’re not going to be concerned about it right off the bat.  This is the way to get them thinking: Maybe there’s something to this liberty stuff.

Mike:  There may also be something to this currency backed by precious metals stuff.  I actually have now two silver pieces of Silver Circle currency.  I would rather be dealing today in Silver Circle currencies or silver coins than I would in Ben Bernyankme funny money, I will tell you that.  Where do folks get a copy of Silver Circle?  Where’s it playing?  Where can they buy it?

Pasha:  We had an awesome theater run starting in March.  The beginning of this month, I have appeared out all over on iTunes, YouTube, Amazon Video, Google Play.  You can look it up there.  The best way to get a list of everything is if you go to, that will give you a list of all the platforms that it’s on.  I’ve had people seen it on their cable TVs, on Verizon FiOS, all that stuff.  The DVD will be out very soon.  We’ve already started selling some DVDs, but the full release will be out very soon.

Mike:  You’ll be able to find that as well in the Founders Tradin’ Post.  We will be happy to be a distributor of Silver Circle.  It’s  The movie is Silver Circle, Pasha Roberts the writer, producer and director.  Pasha, thanks for your time today.  Best of luck to you, brother.

Pasha:  Thank you very much.  I’m excited to be here and excited to get to see you again, man.

Mike:  I’ll be up in your neck of the woods in September.

End Mike Church Show Transcript



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