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Social Media And Fruitless Conversations 

Life_of_Washington_on_black_for_emailMandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript“For those of you that think like this, I would like for you to do the following.  Write down a list of all the people that you have voted for in the past 16 years.  See how many you can remember.  We’re going to go through an exercise here and I’m going to prove to you how feckless, worthless, and useless this process of voting that we’ve all been brainwashed into doing as our only hope.”  Check out today’s transcript for the rest….

Begin Mike Church Show Transcript

Mike:  We’ve got transsexuals, homosexuals, bisexuals.  We’ve got no-sexuals, optional-sexuals.  We’ve got never-want-to-be-a-sexuals.  We have distributism.  We’ve got culture wars.  We have it all on the iPhone and the Android today, too.  It’s the Mike Church Show.  We are live asking the question of the day: What in the wide, wide world of sports is going on here?  We’ve got conservatives, too.

If you’d like to be on the program today, it’s easy to do.  If you’re packing the new Android app for your smartphone, or if you’re packing the new iPhone app for your smartphone, all you have to do is press the Call Crusade button.  I think the button must be working and I think people must be using it because Mark Kreslins set an all-time Veritas Radio Network Crusade Channel record for most amount of phone calls in a two-hour stretch today.  I believe that the button must be working.  If you don’t have the button, go and download the app for the iPhone or the app for the Android phone.  They’re in the Google Play store or in the iTunes Store.  Just search for Veritas Radio Network and you’ll see it right there front and center.

I have the statistics.  On the first day of the Apple iPhone app’s release, over 500 people went and viewed the app.  Over 370 of you went ahead and downloaded it.  That’s an awful lot of downloads for the first day considering the reach of this network is only via the broadcast stream and those listening to the stream after the fact through the on-demand service.  It’s a good day.  I believe that those stats will continue, especially after we keep blathering on endlessly about the apps.  We’re very happy with the apps.  News flash: we’re broadband radio.  This is the next generation of radio here.  This is radio the way it should be.  It’s delivered to you on vehicles that deliver it in a manner that radio should be.  We have to promote it.

I hope that some of you will recommend the app and rate it.  We’ve got some good ratings thus far in the iTunes store and lots of them in the Android store.  As a matter of fact, you iPhone users are getting mauled by Android users by a factor of about 100:1 when it comes to ratings.  Nonetheless, thanks to all of you who downloaded the app and will continue to download the app because you just heard about it for the first time.  By the way, I can confirm to you that the Apple app is now at version 1.0.4.  It’s updated.  It has the very latest – if you go and update it, you can update it this morning and you’ll have the very latest.  There’ll be another update issued over the weekend.

[private FP-Monthly|FP-Yearly|FP-Yearly-WLK|FP-Yearly-So76]

We’ve got a lot to do here today on the program.  I was listening to the Mark Kreslins Show here today.  I was marveling at the fact that Kreslins was getting all these phone calls in and people were reacting to his fretting over the end of times, that he wasn’t fretting enough.  He wasn’t wringing his hands.  He wasn’t gnashing his teeth.  He wasn’t all convinced that the end is near and that if we don’t go to the polls and vote the end of all things human would be the result.  I can tell you this from my personal experience yesterday.  From those of you that are following us on the Twitter feed @thekingdude, I bailed on Twitter yesterday for two reasons.  Number one, I cannot possibly engage in debates with people and be limited by 132 characters.  It is the most ridiculous and fruitless endeavor a human being can possibly get engaged in.  I almost got drawn into it by one of you people or two of you people.  I decided to go spend my time and visit my 95-year-old grandmother instead.  That’s reason one.

Reason two, I’m not going to be drawn into this – I’m just going to go ahead and address this.  There are people out there that seem to think that because Mark Kreslins and I and David Simpson and I – although it’s always directed at me.  I don’t know if Kreslins ever gets this or Simpson ever gets this, or Carpenter and Dr. George and Kevin Gutzman ever get this, but it’s directed at me all the time.  It’s directed at me in the following manner.  [mocking] “You’ve got a powerful position.  You’ve got a radio show.  You know the Constitution.  Why aren’t you running for office and leading us out of this quagmire you loser, you schleprock, you imbecile, you America hater?  If people like you would just step up to the plate and run for office and order us all about constitutionally, everything would be right again.  You suck and I hate you.”  Mike, are you exaggerating?  Just a little.  Just a wee bit.

What makes you think that you would be better off if I or David Simpson or Mark Kreslins was the one who was unconstitutionally and immorally spending the money?  Or if I was standing idly by voting no, no, no?  They’d go, [mocking] “He’s so charming and so sweet.  He votes no on everything.  That’s great.”  It still gets passed.  But he votes no on all of it and it’s so nice to know that he’s there.  That’s right, because we serve on purpose whatsoever according to some of you people because we’re not involved in the political process.  Well, let’s analyze those who are involved in the political process.  Let’s see how successful they have been in allaying your fears, righting the wrong, stopping the immorality, making us a Christian nation again because we’re ‘Muricah and all this other stuff.  Why don’t we issue a report card on the people who actually are doing it, you know, the ones who you voted for?

For those of you that think like this, I would like for you to do the following.  Write down a list of all the people that you have voted for in the past 16 years.  See how many you can remember.  We’re going to go through an exercise here and I’m going to prove to you how feckless, worthless, and useless this process of voting that we’ve all been brainwashed into doing as our only hope.  [mocking] “If you don’t vote, you don’t get to voice your opinion.”  Wanna bet?  Come on the Crusade Channel.  I don’t care if you voted or not.  I don’t hold that opinion.  Write down a list of all the people that you voted for the last 16 years.  Then ascribe to each one of them the magnificent political success –


When I say political success, I do not mean they voted against something or refused to vote for something.  I mean show me the act that they actually put their name on.  It has to be in keeping with your state constitution or with the federal constitution.  Don’t send me garbage, [mocking] “But he did vote for this.”  Was it in keeping with your state constitution?  Was it in keeping with federalist?  Was it in keeping with the federal constitution?  Send me all the magnificent success stories of the people that you voted for.  I’m told and Kreslins is told and the rest of us are told that if we don’t go out and vote Veritas_earbuds_listenwe’re a bunch of shiftless, worthless losers.  I don’t buy that for a second, and I don’t buy that about any of you that actually choose to forego your precious –

Have you tried the all new Veritas Radio Network yet?  You can listen to the Mike Church Show LIVE weekdays 8-11 CST.   The show is easier to access than ever before.  But Veritas Radio isn’t JUST Mike Church, try the exclusive shows by Brother Andre: ReConquest, David Simpson’s True Money, The Mark Kreslins Show, My Story of America with Michael T George, Reverse Deception with Gregory Carpenter and The Constitution Hour with Kevin Gutzman.  Help us continue our search for TRUTH by signing up for a Founders Pass Membership today!

It’s almost like a coveted thing like the ring in Lord of the Rings.  Your precious vote.  Tell me about all the swimming and stirring successes of all those that you voted for.  I would sit down and make the list myself but it’d be an idle misspend of time.  It would be a waste of time.  I could do it in a paragraph.  I could list all the things that Ron Paul voted against, but I never got to vote for Ron Paul.  I don’t live in his congressional district.  He never made it to the White House so my vote was “wasted” in voting for Ron Paul.  Bob Barr in 2008 didn’t become president, so I can’t ascribe that vote.  [mocking] “You didn’t vote for McCain?”  Dude, you could have held me down, stuck my head under the water and threatened to drown me and I could not have pulled the lever for warmonger John McCain.

End Mike Church Show Transcript

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