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Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Audio and Transcript – In 1803, in the United States Senate, John Taylor of Caroline presented the case on behalf of Jefferson for why Jefferson acted totally constitutionally when he made the Louisiana Purchase.  One of the other things that Timothy Pickering, a senator from Taxachusetts at the time, said that Jefferson had erred in doing was that those people in Louisiana became citizens.  It’s in the Louisiana Purchase.  Taylor said no.  Check out today’s audio clip and transcript for more…

Begin Mike Church Show Transcript

Mike:  Eduardo Saverin cannot alter or abolish this government that currently oversees him, his civil liberties, and unfortunately his wealth, because that’s the way our government works.  We’re not citizens, we’re tax producers.  That’s what we do.  So he’s changing the government that oversees him.  That’s all he’s doing.  If he can’t reform, alter or abolish it, he is doing what Ronald Reagan said, he’s voting with his feet.  During the last timeout, Andrew Wilkow from Wilkow Majority, from noon to three right here on this channel, called to inform us that State of New Jersey, what is it, AG?  They have an exit tax?

AG:  Correct.

Mike:  So if you try to leave, if you try to escape, if you try to play Kurt Russell in Escape from New Jersey, Chris Christie and the mob from The Sopranos and the Jersey Shore is waiting for you at the turnpike tollbooth.  They’ll kneecap you if you try to leave without paying your due.  [mocking mobster] “You gotta come over here.  You gotta pay your respects.  You know what I mean?  You gotta pay your respects.  Empty your wallet.  Fork it over.”

This is certainly, most definitely, a far cry from 13 free and independent states.  Isn’t it interesting that while New Jersey bows down before the almighty federal altar and whatever demigod it is that claims to wield that ultimate federal power, it does assert its sovereignty as a country when one of its citizens tries to renounce their citizenship by voting with their feet and leaving.  Interesting, is it not?  Maybe there is something to this little radio documentary project that I’m working on that debuts somewhere around the 4th of July.  States actually are little countries.

We have the Schumer bill I just told you about, the ex-patriot bill that seeks to punish anyone that would ever do the unthinkable again and leave the country for greener financial pastures.  One of the things that is rarely if ever talked about, and this is the same thing when a company leaves, when a company decides we’re out of here.  Apple expatriated its iPhone manufacturing, didn’t it, AG?

AG:  They are overseas.

Mike:  They’re in China.  Didn’t Steve Jobs tell President Obama, “It ain’t coming back.  You can just stop asking me because it’s not coming back ever.”

AG:  In one of those infamous White House meetings.

Mike:  I read that in Walter Isaacson’s book.  I have the book.  It’s not in the White House.  It’s at a restaurant in San Francisco.

AG:  Oh, I thought it was one of the business meetings at the White House.

Mike:  That’s what the New York Slime said, but that’s not what Walter Isaacson said in the book.  Here’s what’s really interesting.  Guess who else was at the table?  The Facebook co-founders, Zuckerberg, and I don’t have the book here and cannot remember if Saverin was there, but I know that Zuckerberg was there when Steve Jobs told President Obama, “That’s great.  Bring iPhone manufacturing back.  That’s great, Mr. President.  It’s not coming back ever.”  Zuckerberg was there.  Maybe Saverin was there.  I just thought of that.  I’ve actually read that far in the Isaacson book Steve Jobs.  Interesting.

In just reading some 18th Century materials here, I’ll just share the one more little piece of this, one more thing to think about in regards to the sovereignty of the people of New Jersey and of any state today.  Thomas Jefferson is much maligned for one thing that he did, and I’ve gotten calls about it here on this radio program, and that is the Louisiana Purchase.  [mocking] “What do you say about the Louisiana Purchase?  That’s not constitutional.  Everybody knows that.”  Actually, you’re not correct.  I had to research this, but I found it.

In 1803, in the United States Senate, John Taylor of Caroline presented the case on behalf of Jefferson for why Jefferson acted totally constitutionally.  It’s in the dialogue of the Free and Independent: Then and Now, the little docudrama I was talking a moment ago with Debbie about.  One of the other things that Timothy Pickering, who was a senator from Taxachusetts at the time said that Jefferson had erred in doing was, when Louisiana was purchased, those people in Louisiana, that would be my ancestors, became citizens.  It’s in the Louisiana Purchase.  Taylor said no.

What the purchase says is that we hope to make them citizens as quickly as possible.  It even provides for, in the meantime – I bring this up because in the process of Louisiana becoming a state, and Missouri, too, by the by, we see the issue of sovereignty as the founders understood it, especially as the Virginians, Jefferson, Madison, Taylor, Monroe and the rest of them, saw it.  You’ve got to remember this and apply this wherever you think it would apply.  Jefferson and Taylor said that only people are sovereign and therefore only people can make a state or a country.  Congress does not have the authority to make a state.

This is even more amazing when you think about West Virginia, which was basically carved off of Virginia by the Congress at Lincoln’s direction.  It was pretty explicit.  It’s in the Constitution.  Taylor explains it, that Congress cannot make a state.  If Congress can’t make a state, then it couldn’t have made any of the states.  That means that the states made Congress.  Why aren’t we having any more of these conversations about this debt and deficit?  Why aren’t we demanding that the states act as they are, little countries.  They made the Congress and they can unmake it.

As I understand the Constitution, the State of Louisiana can voluntarily today decide we’re not going to pay you anymore.  Any state could.  Here’s even better.  The State of Louisiana could just say, “We’re not going to have elections.  We’re not going to play your game.  We’re not sending congressmen to your silly little meeting anymore.  We’re done with it.  Bye.  We’re not sending senators.  We’re not having elections for you anymore.”  It’s their choice.  People say, [mocking] “We’re going to secede.”  You don’t even have to do that.  All you have to do is not send members to Congress.

I realize that’s a radical proposition, but understand that your participation in a Congressional election, a Senatorial election or a Presidential election is 100 percent totally voluntary.  You do not have to participate in it.  You people in Georgia that are suing to get Obama taken off the ballot.  There’s another way around this if your legislature had any nads, and that would be just to say, “Okay, we’re not going to have federal elections this year.  Screw you.”  Pretty simple.

Of course, people that chant “USA, USA” believe Congress sand the federal government create the states and they’re our masters and there is no escape from Los Angeles, New York, New Jersey or USA, USA.  That just defies the thinking of those men we call founders.  I wanted to drop that in to get people hopefully thinking and talking about this.  It’s a radical way of thinking, Mr. Church.  Actually, it’s not.  It’s a very old way of thinking.  It’s not radical at all.  What’s radical is that we don’t think like that anymore.

End Mike Church Show Transcript

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