Speaker Boehner Continues to Disregard the Constitution

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Begin Mike Church Show Transcript

Mike: So we have that. This story here about John Boehner here, this is just and if you needed any evidence that the new Deck Chair Party is just that, and that there really isnt much, theres not too much difference between your basic DeceptiCon fake phony fraud conservative Republican and your basic Democrats, your entry-level Democrat, well, this ought to assuage you of that notion.

Here: Freshman House Republicans are already putting House Speaker John Boehner in a bind over the budget, with a contingent of Tea Party-backed fiscal conservatives refusing to vote for any more continuing resolutions. Now a group of libertarian-leaning Republicans are balking at Obamas missile strikes in Libya. Why isnt Boehner balking at the missile strikes in Libya? He is the Speaker of the damn House of Representin. The Constitution is clear on this. If Obama wants to bomb the snot out of a Middle Eastern country and send them back to the Stone Ages, he has to get a Declaration of War from Congress. Unless he has actionable intelligence that none of us know about, that somehow Muammar Gaddafi was planning a WMD attack against the United States, well, then, the Constitution is clear on this.

I mean, even dimwits like Dennis Kucinich know this. Congressman Kucinich. Actually I should be more respectful. Matter of fact, we should start with digital media files here today. Lets go to Bill Hemmer interviewing Congressman Kucinich yesterday morning. Now, how sad is this? Seriously, folks, how sad is this? You have a rogue president who has done everything humanly possible to destroy capital formation in this country, to destroy capital incentives in this country, to jerry-rig and to continue the process, the corrupt process of transferring wealth from the little that we have, that would be we in the middle classes, of transferring our wealth, through the tax system, through the Federal Reserve, through corporatism, from us to hisbuddies.

This is what youve always got to follow the money here, folks. Its never really about power. Its always about money. With a guy like Obama, its about money. Hes got a bunch of masters he has to pay back. This isnt hard to figure out here. You follow the money. And the money trail ultimately leads right to Jeffrey Immelt of GEs door, ultimately leads right to Warren Buffetts door and all these other clowns that you see going in and outside of the White House. The big labor unions and what have you, theyre all being paid. I mean, hey, its great work if you can find it. The federal government is expanding at a rate unprecedented in modern history. Not even Franklin DelanObama Roosevelt expanded the federal government at the rate that Obama has. Obama seems impervious, seems oblivious to all of the people out here that have grave concerns about our financial situation and our financial malaise. He continues to just thumb his nose at any sort of congressional role in any of this and continues to thumb his nose and just to ignore, and sometimes with impunity, this thing called a Constitution.

Matter of fact, I got a note last night from Professor Kevin Gutzman I had sent him the question, hey, what do you think about this Obama declaring war thing. And Gutzman writes back, Well, the Constitution obviously is dead. It doesnt have any authority to stop these madmen from doing anything. Hmm, somebody ought to write a book about this, Kevin writes back to me. And hes joking because he wrote a book called Who Killed the Constitution?

So you have Obama acting with impunity at every possible stage here. And you have a change in parties in the Congress, in the House of Representin. And for the life of me I dont understand why this is so hard to figure out. I mean, look, all you DeceptiCons out there, you warmongering Republicans, you can have your war. At least try and get the current president to lets back it off a notch, okay. I know were the worlds policemen. I know we have to take care of everyone. There are behinds that need wiping out there. There are French little tooty-baby hands to hold. There are little tea-and-crumpet British hands to hold. Thats right, mate, can you come help us over here [sobbing] because weve got to take care of this Kaddafi fellow. Set the precedent, Mr. Boehner. Do whats right. Demand that this president stop. Threaten to defund him. According to the administrations own propaganda ministers right, AG? theres no troops in harms way. Am I right about that? We dont have any boots on the ground, according to Obama; right?

AG: Yeah, but we do have reports of a fighter jet going down with mechanical issues already.

Mike: Oh, thats just great. Wonderful. Yeah. I wonder how much that jet cost? Hmm. Lets see, we could go to the used jet lot over there in the United Arab Emirates and kick the tires and see if we can get a replacement. What kind of hey, Abdul, what kind of deal can you make us on selling us back one of our own fighter jets? But were not supposed to have any boots on the ground, so you cant use this lame-ass excuse, oh, were not going to defund our troops. Youre not going to defund any troops in harms way because were not supposed to have troops in harms way.

So wheres Michele Bachmann and the Constitution, hmm? Where are all these freshman Tea Partiers that were taking this document that I hold here in my hand and flailing it about back in January? Oh, its all about being constitutional conservatives. It is? Well, you have a president that is in need of impeachment here, that has obviously done a 180 around the Constitution. And this is not just according to radical nut jobs like me. This is according to another radical nut job in his own party, Dennis Kucinich. Here, listen to this. Heres Bill Hemmer asking the pertinent questions of Kucinich on Americas Newsroom yesterday morning, Fox News.

[Clip] David Hemmer: This is what the House Speaker John Boehner said just yesterday: Before any further military commitments are made, the administration must do a better job of communicating to the American people and to Congress about our mission in Libya and how it will be achieved. My next guest calls the assault grave and lacks constitutional authority. Dennis Kucinich is the Democratic congressman from Ohio, and welcome back here to Americas Newsroom. Whats the problem going after Kaddafi?

Dennis Kucinich: Well, here it is. And Im going to read this, and then Ill tell you who said it. The President does not have power under the Constitution to unilaterally authorize a military attack in a situation that does not involve stopping an actual or imminent threat to the nation. Now, that was Barack Obama who said that on December 20, 2007. [Mike: Oh, really.] Weve got to be very sure here that we follow the Constitution. And President Obama didnt dothat.

David Hemmer: Well, even if Congress came back and voted on it, would it pass?

Dennis Kucinich: And, you know, its after the fact now. I mean, there is a serious matter here that relates to the president going ahead, ordering a strike against Libya, and not involving the Congress. And your guests have talked about the cost. Were probably into this for a half a billion dollars already. And then you think about theres no imminent threat, theres no endgame, are they still after regime change. We could be strengthening Islamic extremists who could be setting up camp in Eastern Libya. There are people who want to divide that nation. This is a nightmare. [End clip]

On Matters of War, Spending, Privacy, GOP offers Continued Lip Service to Constitutional Fidelity

John Boehner The Pledge(Audio) MANDEVILLE, LOUISIANA Speaker of the House, John Boehne
r aptly demonstrates Mikes theory that he and the GOPs reascension to the majority is nothing but a mere shuffling of the deck chairs. Whether on matters of the nations fiscal solvency or unilateral military actions undertaken by President Obama, fidelity to the Constitution continues to remain nothing more than lip service to an electorate exhausted from decades of political-theater.

Mike: Yeah, it is a nightmare. And then the next question up is Bill Hemmers going, yeah, but if we dont act, were going to have blood on our hands. This has been the medias line. The members of the fringe media, the members of the Parrot Press Corps have all been out there with the exact same handwringing, oh, woe is me line. Well, if the U.S. doesnt do something, were going to have blood on our hands. Why isnt anyone else going to have blood on their hands? Why arent the Australians going to have blood on their hands, hmm? Why arent the Samoans going to have blood on their hands? Why isnt the blood on the hands of the new democracy fighters in Egypt? And all of the wonderful democracy movements all across the Middle East? Are we going to have blood on our hands if we dont stop the bloodshed and the violence thats going on in Yemen? We going to have blood on our hands if we dont stop the bloodshed and violence thats going on in Bahrain? Its all over the place over there.

Hey, were going to do this, lets do it right. Again, start the draft up. Its unconstitutional, but go ahead. Start the draft up. Were going to need an army of about 10 million. Were going to have to send them over there. Every aircraft carrier we have, every tank, every piece of munition. Mike, what about defending the homeland? Screw the homeland. Screw the United States. We dont need to defend anything here. Weve got to go over there and do all these things. And of course this is all free, too. It doesnt cost anything; right? We may already be a billion dollars into this, and its only been four days. Now, wait a minute. The Republicans, the DeceptiCons, say theyre saving us $2 billion a week. Were spending half of it in Libya. So the savings of now, now the savings are down to a mere billion.

End Mike Church Show Transcript

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