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St Rick of Tarsus Bows Out as Fox News Intimates Ron Paul Doesn’t Exist

todayApril 11, 2012 5

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Rick Santorum leaves campaign 2012 in debt and in need of a bailout, Shepard Smith drones on with Ed Rollins for 20 minutes talking of the 2 REMAINING candidates: Romney & Gingrich, ahem, where is Ron Paul? Someone else at Fox googled him and voila, he lives!

Tim Carney demolishes Dear Leader’s argument that those filthy, stinking, shysters known as “the rich” don’t pay their fair share. Well that depends on who gets two define fair

Ron Paul statement of Santorum’s exit to the showers, Philip Giraldi @AmConMag: Ron Paul is still in but his moment and Opportunity has been lost, now a PAIR of war drum beaters vows to command the empire

Happy talk about “freedom and the human thirst for it in all people’s” usually winds up getting a lot of people in those “authoritarian regimes” killed

VA may yet Nullify another of Dear Leader’s UnConstitutional NDAA edicts that orders detention of American Citizens at the Executive’s direction, here’s to VA’s stand!

DeceptiCONS beat the “loss of American interests” in Syria’s soon to be doomed “cease fire” agreement as the case for war from Iraq to Somalia and all parts between becomes more urgent for the “American exceptionalists”, maybe there are some things you just can’t fix with armies?

And now let the erection of the Santorum as the most conservativey – conservative in the history of conservativey conservatives begin and this is the danger I have been warning of, the elevation of Santorum as the NEW – Conservative – Standard bearer

Hear that!? That is the sound of NRO’s Maggie Gallagher, chisel in left hand, ball pine hammer in right, chiseling into the alabaster statue base the ascendancy of St Rick of Tarsus as the All-American, Can do, Christian, Catholic exemplar of all things “conservative”

If you are into the science of oceans and think James Cameron is really cool (as a DIRECTOR) then check out this illustration of the puny status of our knowledge of “The Deep”

Michael Walsh: Comparing Obama’s resume to Hoovers leaves no doubt as to the AMAZING lack of experience doing anything (other than being coddled as a rising leftist) Obama has to offer

Governor Christie shows Mitt Romney how to deal with ObamaBot Zombies: call them out for the couch sitting, unproductive productivity consumers they have become

Brezinski: Romney surrounded by “fools with matches”, “neocons” determined to “prove America’s resolve” by, one would assume, entering a few more wars and “winning them”-heaven help us

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