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Patrick_Henry_American_Statesman_paperback_cover_DETAILMandeville, LA – Church Doctrine – On 5 March, 1836 Colonel William Barrett Travis famously drew a line in the sand at the Alamo, asking for volunteers to cross the line with him and defend the fort or stand their ground and flee to safety.  Of the 180 men gathered not one took the option to flee. Fast forward to today, 230 Congressmen have voted to “defund” the moral and Constitutional atrocity that is ObamaCare, they are being threatened with their legislative lives. Some Congressional leaders have drawn a line in the taxpayer sludge of the House floor, asking members to stay and defend that vote, like the Alamo, I’m certain the effort will fail, but if the Country and the GOP have any prayer of reversing the rise of Nanny State, they must hold the line ‘til the end of the session next November if that’s what it takes. This won’t be easy. Already Republicans are being accused of everything from denying chemo to cancer patients, forcing people to eat non USDA blessed meats and most recently of shutting down the Statue of Liberty! That’s funny, I thought the Statue was donated to us from the French! Well, it turns out that it was, they even paid to tow it across the ocean, but like most things not bolted down and surrounded by a battery of militia members the Statue was taken over by the Feds in 1933. Still, the pedestal for the statue and the work done to erect it were all the product of private efforts including some fundraising undertaken by former President Ulysses S Grant. To put the Liberty Statue in perspective, what would the reaction of New Orleanians be if the “Park Service” attempted to commandeer Jackson Square and the horse and buggy service that carts tourists to it?
magnificent samBack to the line in the sand, the Constitution clearly places the power to originate revenue bills in the House therefore it is conceivable that should the GOP hold, it can occupy this position until next November! But how will people survive without the government to care for them? Well, the men who crossed the Alamo line did not survive, but what they fought for, the Independence of TX, survives today. We can’t say the same thing for the freedom embodied by the Statue of Liberty and if Congress doesn’t hold the line on ObamCare you can add Medicine to the list.
Which side of the line would YOU stand on?

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