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Status Quo: Beware the Constitutional Remedy for Restraining the General Government

NEW ORLEANS, La. Mike and Dr. Kevin Gutzman discuss the Clinton News Networks (CNN) Fareed Zakaria who has opted to rationalize that since the U.S. Constitution was written before indoor plumbing, perhaps it may be a good idea to trash it and let Facebook Users vote on what the NEO American Constitution should contain.

Such flippant attitudes towards the Constitution is nothing new, but his careless demeanor in how the American system is modified, undercuts the actual manner in which the Constitution may be altered should the President and Congress become wholly deaf to Liberty and the American people, i.e. an ARTICLE V.

But alas, any talk of such purposeful and prudent measures to restrain the federal government by the actual failsafe then brings out big-government defender of the status quo talking-point pundits such as David Limbaugh, who proclaims, …so don’t ever be sucked into supporting the dangerous idea of a new constitutional convention, even if its stated purposes purport to be limited.

Yes folks let us keep allowing those who have mired us in a decades long occupation of foreign lands, a foisted ObamaCare upon us, abdicated responsibility in allowing a President to wage wholly undeclared and unilateral war; yes let us leave all the Constitutional business to the political class, after all it has worked so well.

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