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Steve Forbes: No Need to Raise Debt Ceiling in Order to Avoid Default

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NEW ORLEANS, La. – Mike welcomes to the show former Presidential candidate, sound money advocate, and Editor-in-Chief of Forbes Magazine, Steve Forbes. Breaking with the White House approved, talking-head dogma of the day, Mr. Forbes speaks to the utter fallacy of an impending default should Congress fail to raise the debt ceiling. He also expands on his belief that the dollar will return to a gold standard within the next 5 years. This exclusive interview shatters the status quo’s fear mongering and inability to offer cogent solutions to the deepening economic turmoil.

About Steve Forbes

Steve Forbes is President and Chief Executive Officer of Forbes and Editor-in-Chief of Forbes magazine.

Since Mr. Forbes assumed his position in 1990, the company has launched a variety of new publications and businesses. They include: Forbes FYI, the irreverent lifestyle supplement; Forbes Global, the magazine’s international publication; and Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Brazilian, Russian, Arabic and Hebrew editions of the magazine. Forbes also publishes the Gilder Technology Report, as well as a number of investment newsletters.

In 1997 Forbes entered the new media arena with the launch of The site now attracts over seven million unique visitors a month and has become the leading destination site for business decision-makers and investors.

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