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Sunday's Are Not For Saints Anymore

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Audio, Mandeville, LA –  Begin Mike Church Show Transcript –

Mike: Ladies and gentlemen, the only mechanism that is available now, there are systemic changes that would cause whats the word? There are systemic changes that could be made that would cause a revival, a renaissance, if you will, in some of the lost arts of virtue. They are amendments to the Constitution that could stop some of this. In the absence of Congress having the political will to do it, there are amendments that were proposed on this show in April of 2010, an Article V Amendment Convention. You could still read the entire dialogue of that, the pamphlet. As a matter of fact, that is we filmed that. I just never got around to putting it on a DVD. Theres a movie of that. But the point is that there were systemic things that could be changed that would fix some of this. But its not going to fix all of it. It wont even go a long way towards fixing all of it.

Now, I had mentioned earlier today that today is All Saints Day. Now, Mike, Mike, Mike, why does that matter to anyone, Mr. Church? I mean, come on. What does that matter, this All Saints Day? If were not a Catholic, then you shouldnt even care about that. Now, get back to bashing Obama. Yeah, yeah, I know were supposed to be about bashing Obama. But theres a reason why there are holy days of obligation and a reason why, if you were Catholic, you just didnt cross that. You did not walk away from that. That was a responsibility as part of your faith that you took seriously and literally. And it didnt matter if the World Series was still going on or if it was bowling night or whatever. None of that would matter. That would all be ancillary. That would not be the reason why you would not attend All Saints Day. Either its a holy day of obligation or its not.

And regardless of whether youre a Catholic or not, I dont take this as a call that, why, if you dont all become Catholics, were all screwed. Thats not the point. The point is, I mean, you can just and you can see this with the you can see it. You can witness it. I often tell the audience, and I will repeat this again, that you can learn an awful lot about your country and your fellow man and the direction of our, what is it, dys-culture, d-y-s culture, because we dont have a culture. We have an anti-culture. You can learn a lot about it by just watching television and watching advertisements, especially during professional sports games. 13 of the 14 highest rated shows on television this season have been National Football League presentations, the NFL, the NFL on CBS or whatever the case may be. These are the most popular television programs out there. So its fair to say, well, if you watch the ads there, you get a pretty good slice, pretty good representation of what life is like.

How much virtue, how much hard work, how much devotion to family, faith, friends do you see reflected back to you in what you watch on television, I mean, even if youre watching the NFL? And youre listening to stories about the sordid personal lives of pro football players, college football players, professional baseball players and what have you. Look, the human condition has always been filled with rotten individuals. Do not misunderstand. But it seems that almost all the stories that we can find are about rotten individuals.

There is something wrong with our souls. There is something wrong with the way that we approach life. And Pat Buchanan writes about this in Suicide of a Superpower. Mark Steyn kind of dances around it, but he deals with it. And it has to do with a lack and a loss of virtue. A virtuous people are not thieves. Theyre not connivers. They dont participate in the theft and the confiscation of their neighbors properties and the infringement upon of their neighbors liberties. They certainly dont, certainly do not allow a government to do the same thing, or anything of the sort. And yet it continues to happen here. And we continue to see it. And few people will raise their hand up and say, I think this is probably more important to fix or do something about this than anything else.

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