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Sustaining Leviathan Requires You Surrender Your "Fair Share"

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Begin Mike Church Show Transcript

Mike: You should be talking about getting rid of taxes, about reducing taxes, about getting rid of your ICC taxes, not finding new, more inventive ways to give this beast that resides on the Potomac River a new and creative way to steal and to extricate more of your or my hard-earned income. Youre approaching this from the wrong end of the damn spectrum. Youre losing your liberties. Youre losing your economic liberties. But it seems not to matter.

Oh, well just have a new tax plan. Thatll fix it. Oh, yeah, that worked in 1981. Sure it did. Wow, look how much better off we are today. That worked in 2003. Sure it did. Look how much better off we are today. Oh, we taught that federal government, all right, when we did the Kemp-Roth tax cuts, when we did the Bush tax oh, we taught them. Oh, yeah. Well show them a thing or two. This is why I dismiss this as a bunch of ridiculous, childish this amounts to gossiping, is what this amounts to. This amounts to what people who are not serious about addressing the problem would do.

You know what it does? The fact of the matter is, Don and the rest of you out there that think like this and so desperately want this new sales tax or whatever new form of tax you think is going to make it right, fair tax, whatever it is, you know what the problem is, you dont want to deal with the problem, sir or madam. You refuse to deal with and acknowledge that it is the spending, it is the enormous control exerted by government at every level, whether its state, local, county, federal, doesnt matter. You refuse to deal with the idea that you may have to someday be responsible for your own lot in life, and that someday you and yours will actually have to provide for yourself, and you wont have that nanny state there to wipe your behind or educate your kids. You may actually have to do it.

Why dont you just admit it that youre terrified of it, and all you want to do is elect the next person whos going to make you feel good about the nanny state, whos going to make you feel good about Leviathan, whos going to make you feel good about your current pampered status in life. Dont call me up and insult me and accuse me of being on the wrong side of things. I thought you people elected me by choosing to listen to this program, to provide you an alternative point of view. And then when the provider of the point of view provides it, what do I get? I get grief. I get hatred. I get vitriol. And I get questions that amount to, Well, why cant we just keep the government that we have and tax it differently?

This is really what you want? Really, seriously. And you wonder why I say, When weak tea fails, beer prevails? Theres no desire out there amongst most people that call themselves conservative to do a G?damned thing about this Leviathan monster. Now, there are true believers out there, to be sure, and I know many of you. But your numbers are small. You and I, we are surrounded. We are surrounded by people that are happy, that are satisfied and want to perpetuate the status quo. They just want to put their stamp on it.

So this discussion that were having here in 2012 and about ObamaCare and what have you, why dont you people just get really down, just get down to it. You would go for the national healthcare bill that Obama has as long as you dont have to pay for it. [Mimicking President Obama]


No individual mandate. You probably would go for it as long as you dont have to pay for it. Youd probably go for keeping up the energy department, all the other departments as long as you dont have to personally pay for it. Why dont you take some responsibility, then? If you want your 999 plan, and you want to balance the budget under current spending, well, then that plan needs to be 181818. Lets do it. Lets stop this charade about limited government and about constitutions and all that other fuddy-duddy garbage and lets just get down to paying our fair share. Because none of us are paying our fair share. If our government and elected representatives are spending 1.5 or 1.7 trillion dollars in excess of what theyre taking in, well, then, we should be willing to make the difference up, all of us, right now.

You want to balance the budget? Okay, lets do it. Lets have a debate over whether it should be 181818 or 202020. Thatll balance it out. We can fix this problem tomorrow morning. And you get to keep your Pell grants, you get to keep all your little federal handouts, you get to keep your contracting jobs, you get to keep the whole apparatus. Whee. Hey, you get to keep invading countries all around the planet. You get to keep the mightiest army on earth well funded, well trained and at the ready and spend, what, lets jack the 46 percent of military spending up. Lets kick that up a notch and really rule the world. How about that? Lets really spread democracy. Why dont we kick it up to 60 percent of the worlds spending on military hardware? How about that? Arent there some countries over there in Africa that need a little invasion every now and then? Couldnt they use our Constitution? Hmm? Couldnt we export a bunch of our geniuses to go over there and tell them how to live theirlives?

End Mike Church Show Transcript

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