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Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript – “Ladies and gentlemen, this is a genocide.  This is murder.  This is mass murder on a scale that’s not imaginable.  Congratulations, Denmark.  You’ve just given Hitler and the Nazis an upper hand.  You just rescued them from the fire pit of history.  How petulant, how arrogant, how sinful, and how unbelievably prideful has modern man now become?”  Check out today’s transcript for the rest….

Begin Mike Church Show Transcript


The Prime Minister of Denmark, Lars Lokke Rasmussen, is scheduled to visit the White House this Thursday to discuss with President Trump “our strong bilateral relationship and how we can progress on our shared priorities.”

Those priorities are said to include defeating ISIS and deepening economic ties, [Mike: What motivation do the Nords that far north have in defeating ISIS? Nobody wants to live in Denmark unless you’re already there. It’s cold.] but would they also include human rights? [Mike:  Listen to this, folks. This is absolutely ghastly. Who would have thunk it? This is what the modern world produces, and it’s not good, and it’s not true, and it’s not beautiful, but is it ever happening.] Denmark has boasted that 98 percent of the country’s Down Syndrome babies were aborted in 2014, as testing for Down Syndrome (called a nuchal scan) has been offered to all Danish pregnant women for over a decade now. The number of abortions of babies diagnosed with DS has skyrocketed, and Denmark hopes to be “Down Syndrome free” within the next 10 years.

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Mike:  Ladies and gentlemen, this is a genocide.  This is murder.  This is mass murder on a scale that’s not imaginable.  Congratulations, Denmark.  You’ve just given Hitler and the Nazis an upper hand.  You just rescued them from the fire pit of history.  How petulant, how arrogant, how sinful, and how unbelievably prideful has modern man now become?  When man cooperates with woman, and thus cooperates with God in the marital act and a child is created, a soul – if you don’t know the theology on this, it’s simple.  God says: Hey, I’ve got a soul.  It’s a beautiful one.  I just created it.  Here you go.  Bammo, it’s infused right there.  Conception.  [mocking] “But Mitter Church, the baby grew up to have a problem.  You’re doing the kid a favor.”  Really?  Have you ever met any children with Downs?  I have.  Have you ever seen them smile?  I have.  You ever seen a Downs child laugh?  I have.

[private FP-Monthly|FP-Yearly|FP-Yearly-WLK|FP-Yearly-So76]

As a matter of fact, there is a young man – Mrs. Church, if she’s listening, she was a party to this story.  When my grandmother died and we went to her funeral in the little town of Norco, Louisiana, there was a young man – I don’t know the nuances of this.  Perhaps we have a listener that does or a doctor that could explain it.  I know that there are differing levels of the severity of Downs or whatever the syndrome is called.  If you get closer to normality, is it still called Downs?  I don’t know.  In all humility, I don’t know.  I don’t want to offend anyone.  This young man, his name is Stephen.  My sister lives near my grandmother, so she knows Stevie.  He came – we bought some groceries for the reception after the funeral.  He carried our bags out for us and put the in the car.  My sister came tooling up and he knew her by name and gave her a little hug and smiled.  That kid would have been killed in Denmark.  That child would have been aborted.  We probably have all seen somewhere in public that people like to stare.  It’s uncomfortable to see one that doesn’t look like us, that doesn’t look like Ms. America, that doesn’t look like the perfect child.  Believe me, I have to do this every hour of every day to chasten myself: Mr. Church, that is a child of God.  How dare you see fat people?  How dare you see what you think is ugly?  That’s not how God sees it.

If you want to be a saint, then we have to try to think like that.  Not that I am.  I have read what they’ve written and I’ve read their lives enough to know that that’s how they would think and that’s how Christ would think if he was in that situation.  What did Jesus say when the disciples tried to shoo the little kids away?  He said: Stop, let them come to me.  When they tried to shoo the lepers away: Stop, let them come to me.  He saw as we are supposed to see.  In Denmark, they have a genocide.  Ladies and gentlemen, this is ghastly.  These people are perpetrating mass murder of unthinkable proportions.  You know what’s going to happen next?  I’m going to tell you.  This will spread to America.  It already has spread to other parts of Europe where this test is administered.

Denmark hopes to be Down Syndrome-free.  You have your perfect, wonderful, white bread, white-haired, blue-eyed population in Denmark.  Congratulations.  You’re Nazis.  That’s awesome.  Hitler would be so proud.  Ms. Boorman writes:


That’s the systematic promotion of eliminating individuals with specific genetic markers—in this case, an extra chromosome 21. CPH Post quotes the head of a Danish midwife association as saying, “When you can discover almost all the fetuses with Down Syndrome, then we are approaching a situation in which almost all of them will be aborted.” [Mike: You’re killing, taking mortal, corporeal life of a child of God and they think they’re doing the kid a favor. Again, have you ever seen a Down Syndrome child smile?]

The increasing availability of nuchal scans across Europe has had the same effect. Iceland claims it hasn’t had a DS birth in the last five years . . .

[end reading]

Mike:  In other words, folks, there is a holocaust going on, as if the other abortion holocausts aren’t enough.  Now we have a boutique variety.  This is sick.  I have one.  If you find out that there’s a marker in children that may lead them to suffer a syndrome that causes a pediatric brain cancer, why don’t we knock that out, too?  [mocking] “Mitter Church, please.  It’d be awesome to have a Down Syndrome- and a pediatric brain cancer-free society, wouldn’t it?”  Why not?  Let’s start looking for congenital heart failure at a young age?  Why bring children into the world if they’re going to have heart problems?  You see where this madness leads?  This is genocide.  Who benefits from this?

I started the program off with a plea and a bit of a prayer that I approach what I do here every day approaching, looking for, and trying to deliver to you and share with you the good, the true, and the beautiful.  What’s good and true and beautiful about designer societies where children are murdered in their mothers’ wombs because they don’t meet their parents’ expectations?  Think about the movie The Stepford Wives.  Wasn’t some of that going on there?  Where does this end?  Would you blame the creator if he went: All right, that’s it.  I’ve been holding off on that asteroid.  I sent my son’s mother to go warn you idiots.  I told you not to do this.  You persist.  You’re going to get it.


. . . The CPH article claims DS is heading for “extinction” in Denmark, but as a commenter pointed out, there’s a difference between extinction and extermination

A written appeal to the UN Human Rights commissioner by the organization Down Pride points out that, “On one hand inclusion and equality in society . . .

[end reading]


Mike:  Isn’t it ironic that those that ramble and rail about inclusivity and diversity, when they see it in a child in its mother’s womb, they want to kill it.  [mocking] “We didn’t mean that kind of diversity.  We meant diversity like voting for Hillary kind of diversity.  Loving homosexuals who weren’t made that way in the womb but have chosen this aberrational, perverted, disordered lifestyle.  Let’s embrace the disorder.”  You see how out of kilter and out of whack this is?  My goodness!


“On one hand inclusion and equality in society is an ongoing matter of grave concern, on the other, governments and industry are pouring hundreds of millions Euros into screening programs. A sign that society has found the ‘solution’ in the prenatal exclusion of people with Down syndrome and other disabilities.”

Much like American culture, the Danish culture appears to be quite concerned about “acceptance” as progressives define it, [Mike: We only want the beautiful people around, in other words.] with multiculturalism and LGBTQ+ inclusion and promotion as its core tenets.

[end reading]

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Mike:  You don’t think that if we can identify transgender dysphoria in the womb that people may choose: Hey, I don’t want to bring a transgender dysphoria child into this world.  Imagine that.  Here we are.  I’ve talked endlessly here on this show about charity for children, whether it’s the ASK Foundation, whether it’s the Hogs for the Cause Foundation, we talk about children and about – think of the irony of this.  We’re told, libs tells us, progressives tell us that everything that we do is for the protection of children.  What happens when you start killing the children and there are fewer of them?

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