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1928 American Socialist Party Platform Has Been Implemented BEFORE Obama

Socialist Party Platform of 1928- Courtesy Mikechurch.com [Originally published by Mike Church on 08 October, 2012, during Barack Obama's pursuit of a second term as POTUS] 1. "Nationalization of our natural resources, beginning with the coal mines and water sites, particularly at Boulder Dam and Muscle Shoals." 2. "A publicly owned giant power system under which the federal government shall cooperate with the states and municipalities in the distribution of electrical […]

todayJune 2, 2020 3


New Orleans Is NOT Sinking

Mandeville, LA - Exclusive Transcript - The way to save the City of New Orleans, number one, is to blow a hole in that levee and let that water come through. It’s going to have to happen anyway. Let the silt begin to refortify the delta. If you don’t, what you have is a bowl. The next time one of those levees cracks as a result of a hurricane may […]

todaySeptember 12, 2012